Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Guilt-Free Substitute for Ice Cream


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Guilt Free Foods

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien was back on Dr. Oz with some of her favorite solutions to help you get through stress and other causes of emotional eating.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Emotional Eating Solutions

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien was back to share her best guilt-free foods you can devour when your emotions get the best of you. Lillien told Dr. Oz emotional eating has nothing to do with hunger because it is not about fueling the body. It is about filling a void. Although Lillien said the best course of action against emotional eating is getting to the root cause of the problem, she also believes in giving people some foods they can eat when their emotions take control.


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Guilt-Free Substitute for Ice Cream

Dr. Oz and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien went over some of the best guilt-free substitutes for emotional eating, from guilt-free ice cream substitutes to burgers.

Dr Oz: Eat Cracker Crisps To Fight Bored Eating

Dr. Oz said studies have shown more than a third of people will reach for a bag of chips when they are bored. Lisa Lillien said the problem with eating when you get bored is that you won’t stop until the entire bag is gone. Lillien said one of the best ways to not rack up so many calories when you starting eating out of boredom is reaching for a box of cracker crisps instead of a bag of chips. She said the cracker crisps are high in fiber and only have 100 to 120 calories per serving, so eating the entire box won’t be nearly as bad as eating an entire bag of chips.

Calorie Comparison – Bag of Potato Chips=1,160 Calories, Box of Cracker Crisps=440 Calories


Dr Oz: Guilt-Free Food Substitue For Ice Cream – Frozen Greek Yogurt

A lot of people reach for a pint, or bigger, of ice cream when they are feeling sad and really want something sweet which leads to the person eating the entire carton, and then they feel even worse than they did before. Lisa Lillien’s guilt-free solution to ice cream is frozen Greek yogurt. She said it will satisfy your cravings for ice cream while filling you full of protein without all the calories you would get from a carton of ice cream. Even if you ate the whole pint of frozen Greek yogurt, you would only have eaten 400 calories.

Calorie Comparison – Pint of Ice Cream=1,000 Calories, Pint of Greek Frozen Yogurt=400 Calories

Dr Oz: Guilt-Free Macaroni and Cheese

Lisa Lillien said many people will reach for mac and cheese when they are stressed because it will help calm you down but it is loaded with fat and calories you do not need. Her guilt-free food replacement for mac and cheese is a frozen box of mac and cheese with a single serving of cauliflower. It still gives you the comfort you want without the calories.

Calorie Comparison – Boxed Mac & Cheese=1,200 Calories, Frozen Mac & Cheese with Vegetables=300 Calories

Dr Oz: Fast Food Burger Calorie Comparison

When you are exhausted, especially at the end of a long day, you might be more inclined to head through the drive-thru rather than make something at home for dinner. Lillien suggested having your freezer stocked ahead of time for those days you know you will not want to cook. She recommended two meat-free sliders that are ready in just minutes and provide 150 calories and nine grams of protein per burger.

Calorie Comparison – Fast Food Hamburger=390 Calories, 2 Frozen Beefless Sliders=300 Calories


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