Dr Oz: How to Eat Out While Dieting & South Beach Diet Cheat Foods


Dr Oz: South Beach Diet – Fast Diet Tricks

Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of The South Beach Diet, stopped by Dr. Oz to share some his best fast diet tricks with the audience. From finding healthy alternatives to high calorie condiments to not grocery shopping when you’re hungry, he had some pretty good advice.

Dr Arthur Agatston: “Eat Away The Hunger”

Dr. Oz invited another South Beach Diet success story on the stage. Elizabeth told Dr. Oz she lost 125 pounds by following the South Beach Diet and the best tip she ever received from Dr. Agatston was to eat away her hunger. As counterintuitive as that may sound, Elizabeth said becoming hungry is the worst part about a diet and when you become hungry you stop following your diet plan. By keeping hunger at bay, you can make smarter choices about the food you eat.


Elizabeth said the following are some of her favorite snacks to eat away the hunger.

  • Apple slices spread with peanut butter
  • Grape tomatoes wrapped in string cheese
  • Apples with cheese spread and almond slivers

South Beach Diet Cheat Foods

One of the most common questions Dr. Arthur Agatston gets from his patients is what “cheat” foods can they eat. While it all depends on what types of foods you like and where your weight loss goal is set, there are always some types of foods you can eat without completely ruining your diet.

Dr Oz: How to Eat Out While Dieting & South Beach Diet Cheat Foods

Dr. Oz and Dr. Arthur Agatston went over their advice for eating out on a diet and they also shared a few cheat foods for The South Beach Diet.


Check out the list of cheat foods Dr. Agatston shared with everyone. He added that you can pick one day a week and treat yourself to any of the foods below.

  • Whole grain waffles
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Fudgesicle
  • Chocolate covered almond

Like Dr. Oz has pointed out many times before, studies have shown that taking a cheat day during a diet is one of the best ways to succeed.

Guidelines for Eating Out While on a Diet

You probably think you can’t go out to eat when on a diet but Dr. Arthur Agatston said that is not the case. You can go out to eat but you need to know how to eat at a restaurant before you even step foot in the restaurant.

Follow the rules below if you are going out to dinner on a diet. They will keep you on track while allowing you to have fun while dining out.

  • Eat a protein snack 15 minutes before eating dinner at the restaurant. Dr. Oz suggested eating some soup pointing out that studies have shown eating soup beofre a meal usually means the person will eat 135 calories at dinner.
  • Share a dessert rather than ordering your own.

Choosing Healthy Meat from the Deli

Choosing healthy meat at the deli counter can be tough to do so Dr. Arthur Agatston offered some tips to make sure you get healthy lunch meat.

  • Choose lean cold cuts like turkey, ham and roast beef.
  • Stay away from sandwich meats that include starch fillers.
  • Avoid meats that are “honey flavored.”

Stop Eating Gluten to Lose Ten Pounds in Two Weeks

Dr. Agatston’s best advice from his entire time on Dr. Oz was to cut out gluten. He said cutting out gluten today will result in a 10 pound weight loss in the next two weeks. He added that he believes gluten sensitivity are the most underdiagnosed disease in America and that gluten sensitivity are the main cause of obesity.

If you think you have trouble digesting gluten, check out The Gluten Trifecta, three factors Dr. Agatston say point right to a gluten sensitivity.

  • Intestinal inflammation – Triggers bloating, diarrhea and migraines.
  • Poor absorption of nutrients – Can lead to anemia, hormonal imbalance or mood disorders.
  • Autoimmune response – Immune system mistakes the gluten for invaders which it then attacks

Gluten-Free Food Recommendations

Giving whole grains is not necessary to eat gluten-free. Dr. Agatston said there are plenty of healthy foods you can add to your diet that are packed with fiber and protein. Check out the foods listed below and begin adding to them diet to get nutrients to help with weight loss.

  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Cornmeal
  • Millet



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