Dr Oz: Homemade Traditional Matcha Tea & DIY Matcha Bath Bomb


Dr Oz: Matcha Japanese Tradition

Dr Oz was with the gorgeous Candace Kumai discussing the latest health trend, matcha. It’s an ancient tea that is now being used for its anti-aging benefits to help you look and feel younger from the inside-out. It turns out matcha is a family tradition for Candace. She explained that it’s originally from the monks in Asia, used as a calming way to help everyone relax and enjoy company together.

The Samurais would take a break by leaving their swords at the door to sit down and have a cup of matcha. It would help keep them focused, alert, and really “chill” at the same time. Because Candace is half Japanese and half American, her family enjoys westernization. Her mom often says “we welcome new culture all the time, but we like tradition too.” She loves sharing Japanese tradition with people.



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