Dr Oz: High Iron Diet, Eat Clams, Use Iron Skillet & Eat Chicken Liver


Dr. Oz: High Iron Diet

Dr. Oz previously explained the reason so many women are getting tired is because of an iron deficiency in their diets. Dr. Oz talks with nutritionist Heidi Skolnick about what women need to eat to have a high iron diet. She said by following the advice below, women should be able to get their energy back in less than one week.

Skolnick said their are two ways to get iron. One is by eating certain meats, which the body will absorb 2 to 3 times faster than the iron it will get from vegetables. The second way to get iron is through vegetables, although the body will not absorb the iron as quickly as it would with certain meat, such as chicken liver.


Dr Oz: High Iron Diet, Eat Clams, Use Iron Skillet & Eat Chicken Liver

Dr. Oz talks with nutritionist Heidi Skolnick about the best foods to eat for a high iron diet, such as cereal and orange juice.

Dr. Oz: Vitamin C Rich Food With Iron Rich Vegetables

Skolnick said by eating something that is rich in vitamin C while eating something high in iron will help the body absorb the iron five times faster. Great pairs include:

  • Bell peppers with spinach
  • Tomatoes with Broccoli
  • Citrus fruits with edamame
  • Cereal and Orange Juice

Dr. Oz: Iron Skillet for Iron Deficiency

Skolnick said cooking high moisture foods in an iron skillet will allow the food to absorb iron from the skillet. Cooking spaghetti sauce in an iron skillet will make a big difference. She also said it is impossible to go overboard with the amount of iron you consume. Do it as often as you like, with as much iron as you can get.


Dr. Oz: Eat Clams for Iron

Eat clams when you can, according to Skolnick. A three ounce serving of clams can contain as much as 24 mg of iron. You want to try to swap low iron foods with high iron foods, so try to substitute clams in some of the food you make.

Dr. Oz: Tea and Coffee Inhibit Iron

The tannins found in coffee and tea will interfere with iron absorption, so try to drink them a few hours before or after a meal.


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