Dr Oz: Healthy Shopping For Bread, Fruits, Vegetables & Canned Food


Dr Oz: Dr. Andrew Weil Grocery List Recommendations

Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Andrew Weil and shared his recommendations when it comes to making a trip to the grocery store. Dr. Weil said it is possible to harvest the healing properties of foods in the grocery store, while staying on a budget. He explained that the most expensive things are meats and animal products, which can be reduced in our diets. He added that vegetables are usually pretty cheap, so there’s no excuse for not eating healthy.

Dr Oz: Frozen Food Shopping Tips

Dr. Weil explained that when it comes to frozen foods, you want to skip vegetables that are peeled, crushed, or chopped. He suggested looking for USDA-certified organic vegetables and added that some frozen vegetables such as frozen corn, actually have nutrients than the fresh version of the same food.


Dr Oz: Healthy Shopping For Bread, Fruits, Vegetables & Canned Food

Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Andrew Weil, who shared his tips and tricks for creating a healthy grocery list. (Gts / Shutterstock.com)

He explained that it’s because normally, produce is picked before it’s ripe, because the produce has to travel a long distance to get to the consumers. He said the vegetables never quite develop the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that mature ripening would have allowed them. Dr. Weil explained that the vegetables are put on a truck and can travel more than 1500 miles before it sits for another four or five days at the store.

Dr Oz: Shopping For Fresh Vegetables

Dr. Weil explained that there are some vegetables that should be bought fresh. Those vegetables include celery, carrots, and green, and he added that greens are inexpensive and “nutritional powerhouses.” While Swiss chard was Dr. Weil’s favorite, he said collards and kale are great as well.


As for cooking those greens, Dr. Weil shared that he likes to briefly cook them, rather than let them cook for hours. He prefers to simply stir fry his greens with olive oil, garlic, and red paper flakes. Sounds good to me!

Dr Oz: Shopping For Fruits

When it comes to shopping for fruits, Dr. Weil suggested people choose low glycemic fruits. He said that berries are a great option because they’re full of antioxidants that fight disease. He recommended purchasing USDA organic berries if they’re available.

Dr Oz: Shopping For Bread

Dr. Weil explained that the secret to shopping for bread is choosing the dense breads. He said that if you can crush the bread up into a ball, it’s not the kind of bread you want. Dr. Weil is personally a fan of spelt bread because it’s high in protein content and healthier for you.

Dr Oz: Finding The Right Olive Oil

Dr. Weil explained that the price of olive oil doesn’t correlate with the quality. He suggested tasting different olive oils and shopping around to make sure you’re getting the right kind, especially a kind that has been certified as true olive oil.

He also made a point to say that when you taste olive oil, there should be a peppery sort of bite at the back of your throat. He said that bite is a sign of a component of olive oil called oleocanthal that acts as an anti-inflammatory that’s as powerful as ibuprofen.

Dr Oz: Shopping For Canned Goods

When it comes to buying canned food, Dr. Weil recommended canned sockeye salmon, sardines, and kippers. He explained that canning softens the bones of the fish which are a great calcium source. He said the fish also have a lot of omega-3s in them and are a cheap source of high-quality protein and fat.


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