Dr Oz: Hardening Arteries from Fatty Food + Fast Food Addict Calories


Dr Oz: Fast Food Addict

Many people love Fast Food, but did you know it is addictive? Dr Oz introduced Brittany, a woman who called herself a “Fast Food Addict,” admitting that she hits the drive thru for every meal.

Dr Oz: Daily Fast Food Menu

She may start the day at Starbucks with a ham and cheese sandwich, plus a Caramel Macchiato. Then at lunch, it’s time for a large order of Onion Rings from Burger King. She loves a double burger with cheese and raspberry soda. By dinner, she goes for a crunch, crispy fish sandwich at McDonald’s, washed down with a soda.


Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz: Hardening Arteries from Fatty Food + Fast Food Addict Calories

Fast food addict Brittany said she knows that her diet is out of control, and she kept a food diary for Dr Oz before learning about her hardening arteries. (J.D.S / Shutterstock.com)

Brittany said that she hides bags in her car and sometimes keeps her habit from family and friends. She recently relocated from Louisiana to Oregon, and she is embarrassed about her eating habits.

At age 28, she already has high Blood Pressure and a family history of Hypertension. She admitted that she does not know how to stop, or turn her addiction around.


Dr Oz: Fast Food Calories

Dr Oz asked her to keep a food diary. She admitted that she eats something as soon as she wakes up, because she has a craving.

According to her food diary, she is getting 2,512 calories per day (an average person needs 2,000 calories). When it comes to fat, she is consuming 111 grams each day (the average should be 60 grams).

Dr Oz: Sweet, Salty & Crunchy

Why is Brittany drawn to more fatty foods? She credited her Southern upbringing, and mentioned her love of sweet, crunchy, and salty treats. Doctor Oz had wanted to do blood work on her, but he was not able to.

She admitted that she gave in and indulged in cookies during her plane trip to the show, which meant that her readings would have been inaccurate. Dr Oz said that this is a good illustration that she has a food addiction.

Dr Oz: Hardening Arteries from Fatty Food

Brittany submitted to an Ultrasound so that Dr Oz could get a look at her arteries. They are supposed to relax and dilate, which hers did before the show. But after her lunch, it was a different story. After the fatty meal, her arteries opened up less than half as much as they did previously.

That means her arteries are squeezing very hard, leading to hardening arteries and eventually Heart Attack or Stroke. Brittany was alarmed at the news, but Dr Oz said that it is all preventable.

Brittany agreed that she was willing to make changes and get some healthier choices. Dr Oz wanted to help her get a new Fast Food Plan.


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