Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Warnings: What To Watch Out For


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Extract Warnings

Dr Oz focused on the fat loss results of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which worked for his audience and has been proven effective in other studies. Dr Oz had 100 women take the pill for two weeks while keeping a food journal. Then he shared their results, which found that they nearly doubled their weight loss by taking Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about this popular new supplement and would like to try it out yourself. Not so fast. Dr Oz said that just two manufacturers his show found (of the dozens out there) are selling effective supplements. So how do you know what to look for on the label?


How To Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz shared what you should look for in your product.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Warnings: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared Green Coffee Bean Extract Warnings to watch for when buying this supplement.

  • Label ingredients containing Svetol or GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant)
  • Contains minimum 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • 400 mg dosage, three times daily

Watch out for the word “pure,” which Dr Oz said is often used as a deceptive marketing ploy. Dr Oz said it’s also possible to find other dosage levels, but he shared what the participants in his study used to get their results.


Dr Oz also listed a few label red flags to watch out for. You should be able to find an ingredient list on the bottle. If not, you definitely shouldn’t buy it. But the ingredients of your supplement should not include any:

  • Fillers
  • Binders
  • Artificial Ingredients

Dr Oz: Food Journal Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that a month’s supply of Green Coffee Bean Extract could cost about $30. He said he knows that could be expensive for some of us, and suggested that you keep a food journal whether or not you are taking the supplement, which can also lead to weight loss and more conscious food choices.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Right For Me?

Dr Oz said this product is worth a shot for most healthy adults who would like to lose weight. This product contains low amounts of caffeine and should not make you jittery. Though there aren’t any known side effects, he did say he would not recommend it for everyone. Those who should not take Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements, according to Dr Oz, include:

  • Women who are pregnant/breastfeeding
  • People under age 18

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Scam

Dr Oz said you should beware of anyone using his name to try to sell you Green Coffee Bean Extract. He does not sell or endorse these types of products, so if you get a sales pitch claiming to be from him, he said you should delete it because it’s a scam.



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    Thanks for your show today and clearing up what is on the internet that uses your name, I did buy this product on the internet and when I saw your show today I knew that I had been scammed. Got the bottle out read the ingredents sure enough it did not have the right stuff inside.

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