Dr Oz: Glucomannan Pills, Griffonia Simplicifolia & Grapeseed Oil


Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressants

Sometimes the biggest struggle when it comes to staying healthy is controlling your appetite. That can be hard to do if you are constantly feeling hungry all day long. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to learn the ways Dr Oz suggested to get your appetite under control so you can start feeling healthier and more confident.

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Dr Oz: Glucomannan Appetite Suppressant Review

Dr Oz: Glucomannan Pills

Having trouble getting your appetite under control? Learn the supplements Dr Oz suggested to feel full all day long.

Michelle was one audience member who complained that she is always hungry. Her worst hunger pangs come around midday, and don’t let up from there. She will intend to grab a fast and healthy lunch. But instead she ends up chowing down on low-calorie snack packs. (Sadly, low calorie is not an invitation to eat six of them at a time.)

Glucomannan is derived from the Konjac Plant, and according to Dr Oz, it’s “Nature’s Get Skinny Sponge.” It’s full of soluble fiber than can keep you full without the consequences of Gas & Bloating. The recommended dosage is one gram, three times daily, before each meal.


This will allow the Glucomannan to keep your stomach feeling full. Since it comes as a powder, supplement, or noodle, you can choose the delivery method that best fits your diet. It can be added to a drink, eaten as a pasta, or consumed as a supplement.

Dr Oz: Grapeseed Oil Review

Dr Oz talks a lot about the benefits of Grapeseed Oil on his show. One of its best benefits is actually as an appetite suppressant, and it works by slowing the emptying of your stomach. Try taking a couple teaspoons two hours before you eat lunch.

Grapeseed Oil will coat your stomach lining. The stomach will then process food more slowly, expanding the stomach and making you feel full longer. Michelle agreed to give the “interesting taste” of Grapeseed Oil a try, at least for a couple weeks.

Dr Oz: Griffonia Simplicifolia Appetite Suppressant

There were still more appetite management tricks to come. The next, Griffonia Simplicifolia, comes from a West African shrub and helps the body create Serotonin. In addition to its other benefits, Serotonin can also help the brain know when you are satisfied after a meal.

Your feelings of hunger could actually be a signal of low Serotonin levels. Try taking 200 mg of Griffonia Simplicifolia daily. But check with your doctor to make sure it won’t cause issues with your SSRI or MAOI prescriptions.

Dr Oz: Cento Pine Nuts Review

Pine Nuts can actually stop your hunger, possibly in part because they’re the highest protein nut out there. You can actually use a shot glass to measure a serving of Pine Nuts before breakfast, which can be a great start to the day if you’re hoping to rein in your appetite.

Pine Nuts are rich in Pinolenic Acid, which can help fill you up. In studies, 36% of people who ate Pine Nuts had fewer food cravings. Michelle worried about the caloric content of nuts, but Dr Oz explained it was a worthwhile tradeoff because the calories from Pine Nuts would be less than the calories of the junk they’d keep her from wanting to eat later in the day.

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