Dr Oz: Give Up Sugar For 21 Days & Sugar-Free Cookie Recipe


Dr Oz: 21-Day Experiment & Sugar Detox

How much can you really change your body, your energy, complexion, your weight, and your mood in just 21 days? Dr Oz wanted to find out, so he launched his Big 21-Day Experiment. He enlisted women all over to give up sugar for three weeks while others tried the new turmeric tonic or medicinal mushrooms. Would 21 days of probiotics or bone broth help with digestion and cravings? Would charcoal toothpaste make your teeth whiter? It was time for the results to be revealed!

Dr Oz was backstage with everyone who took part in the experiment, including his go-to tester Rhenotha who tried everything. But first, what happens to your body when you eliminate sugar for a full three weeks? Gabrielle Bernstein quit sugar herself, after realizing her own health problems that were resulting from it. Gabrielle joked that she had to “break up” with sugar and “destroyed the relationship.” She’s now been off sugar for three years.



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