Dr Oz: Get More Fiber Psyllium Husk, Pure Acacia, & Black Beans


Dr Oz: Get More Fiber In Your Diet

Dr Oz was with Jenna Wolfe and Dr Robynne Chutkan discussing fake fiber-fortified foods. After revealing the truth about the popular products, Dr Oz wanted to help his viewers better understand the healthy ways they can get more fiber in their diets. It’s recommended that you eat 25 grams of fiber each day, but the average American struggles just to get half that into their diet! That’s why so many people turn to powders, drinks, and pills in hopes of getting more fiber, with the idea it will help them de-bloat, lose weight, and clean out their system.

Dr Oz: Fiber From Psyllium Husk Powder For Quick Weight Loss

According to Dr Robynne Chutkan, too many people assume they have to eat an unreasonable amount of food in order to reach the daily recommendation of fiber. The truth is that there are actually safe and reasonable ways to get the fiber you need. If you’re looking for a way to get fiber into your system fast, like when you are constipated or bloated, reach for psyllium husks powder. Just a tablespoon mixed into a glass of water, followed by another plain glass of water. It’s also really filling which means it’s great for those who want to cur their appetite and lose weight. Just two tablespoons can get you 10 grams of fiber. However, know that it’s not exactly delicious, so you may want to add a splash of cranberry juice to help you get it down.



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