Dr Oz: Gastric Band Hypnosis Review & Paul McKenna I Can Make You Thin


Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnosis

Are you running out of ideas about how to take control of your weight loss plan? Dr Oz invited hypnotist Paul McKenna to give his unique approach to the chronic problem that’s been plaguing Americans for decades. Though Paul has been doing his Gastric Hypnotic Band procedure for awhile, this was the first time he agreed to explain it on television. Could tricking your brain into believing you have had weight loss surgery be the secret to weight loss success?

Paul McKenna: I Can Make You Thin Review

Dr Oz: Gastric Band Hypnosis Review

Get Dr Oz's Gastric Band Hypnosis Review of Chris McKenna's technique, which he says mimics the effects without surgery.


Paul McKenna is a bestselling self-help author in Great Britain, where his book, I Can Make You Thin, has sold millions. Now he’s spreading his message across the globe. People have been turning to hypnotists like Paul for help to quit smoking or boost self-confidence. Since the mind is responsible for so many aspects of life, Paul said that it can be an invaluable tool for weight loss without surgery.

Though he admitted success depends on the individual, he said that his technique reliably helps people lose 7 to 10 pounds and keep it off. Prestigious institutions like Harvard have been studying Hypnosis for 50 years, and their studies find that it is a safe and effective means of changing behavior.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Hypnosis

Before Dr Oz’s taping, Paul randomly chose a few audience members and hypnotized them without their knowledge. He pointed out the three women he had chosen, and when he snapped his finger and told them to go to sleep, they closed their eyes.


He explained that they were hypnotized and would follow his voice commands, such as lifting a hand as if a balloon is attached to it. The three women continued to follow his commands, performing basic hand movements. Finally, Paul asked his subjects to wake up, and of course they did.

Here’s what I’ve always wondered about hypnosis: if you were supposedly hypnotized in front of an audience, but it wasn’t working, would you play along for the spectacle or call out the fraud in front of everyone?

Paul McKenna Hypnosis Procedure

Paul explained that hypnosis may look complicated, but it’s very simple. Nancy, one of his audience subjects, admitted she didn’t know she was hypnotized; she just felt relaxed and not in control of her movements. She said while her eyes were closed, it felt like something else was lifting her arm.

Laura said she knew she was hypnotized, but didn’t care because it was relaxing. She just followed Paul’s instructions. The third subject also said she was relaxed and unaware that she was the center of attention.

Dr Oz said he first encountered Hypnotism while in medical school, and believes strongly in the power of suggestion.

Gastric Hypnotic Band Review

Paul’s biggest and most popular weight loss innovation is the Gastric Hypnotic Band, and he said it is a great option for people who are struggling to succeed with their weight loss goals. Though it doesn’t involve the Gastric Bypass Surgery, it relies on some understanding of the process and effects.

He just hypnotizes people and tells them they have had the procedure. Suddenly, they feel full sooner and actually believe they’ve had the surgery. Angela, Brigid, and Desiree said they love food and have trouble stopping until they’ve cleaned their plates.

Paul spoke with the women by phone and worked his magic, suggesting that they would feel full after just a few bites, and that they should chew each bite about 20 times before swallowing.

Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band Results

After five days, Angela said she now chews each bite 20 times and sits on her hands when she wants more food than she is supposed to eat. She isn’t finishing all the food on her plate anymore, and she believes the process worked. Angela said she has also cut down to one soda a day instead of four. (That’s easy to do for one day; why didn’t they check back in a week for a better picture of the results?)

Brigid reported that she went out with her husband for an anniversary dinner and couldn’t even make it halfway through her meal. She said her stomach starts to feel tight and full much sooner now.

Desiree reported that she felt nauseous after eating, and now only eats about 25% of her portions.

Gastric Hypnotic Band Side Effects

Dr Oz wondered if these side effects and symptoms of fullness were normal, since they are similar to the effects of the actual Gastric Band Surgery. He said that the imagination is very powerful and can reproduce the same feelings and effects of the procedure itself.

Paul said that some patients need to be re-hypnotized to reinforce their goals in the process, and since the process is relatively new, there are no long-term studies of its effectiveness.

All the women in Dr Oz’s experiment said they were happy about their decision and results so far. What do you think about this? Could hypnosis really get you to lose weight? And if so, would you want it to?


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