Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet: Watermelon Rinds, Onion Skins & Celery Stalks


Dr Oz: Garbage Can Diet

Recent Dr Oz episodes have included an Obesity Debate and exploration of Functional Medicine techniques. But just when you thought you’d heard it all, Dr Oz pulls out something that can shock and surprise you. This time it was the Garbage Can Diet. It turns out that you may be throwing away some foods that are really good for you. Find out why you should think twice before you toss that Watermelon Rind, Celery Top or Red Onion Skin.

Believe it or not, the keys to preventing Heart Disease, Diabetes and even Stroke could be sitting in your trash or compost right now. To help illustrate what he was talking about, Dr Oz enlisted audience member Yvette.


Dr Oz: Heart Disease

Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet: Watermelon Rinds

The Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet shared the hidden health powers of foods we usually throw out, such as Watermelon rinds.

Yvette has been losing weight lately and she wanted to make health a top priority as she gets older. Whoever thought that dumpster diving would be the solution? I’m sure she didn’t, when she went to the TV studio on tape day.

She checked out a healthy heart with Dr Oz, which was approximately fist-sized. Next, Dr Oz showed off a heart ravaged by Heart Disease, which was enlarged due to Plaque.


Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet: Watermelon Rinds Heart Disease Prevention

Watermelon Rinds may seem like trash, but Dr Oz said you should think twice before you toss them. They can be ground and used for juice, which is rich in Amino Acids. You could also mix rinds with fresh lemon or lime to create a juice blend beverage; even vodka can help you to get the heart health benefits.

Dr Oz Garbage Diet: Celery Stalks Diabetes Prevention

If you’ve been chopping off the tops of your Celery stalks, Dr Oz wants you to cut it out. He said that the leafy portion at the top of your Celery is loaded with Magnesium. His idea was to chop the leaves and use them in a salsa. Yvette pretended to go along with this idea, but didn’t seem that into the taste.

Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet: Red Onion Skins Stroke Prevention

Finally, Dr Oz looked at Red Onion Skins. You can actually use these to make an onion soup, which could lower your risk of having a Stroke.

Best of all, the Garbage Can Diet doesn’t cost anything, since it uses foods that you would’ve thrown out otherwise. Will you be trying any of Dr Oz’s ideas? (Reminder: I don’t think Dr Oz wants you to actually dig food out of the trash. Save it before you throw it out.)


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