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Dr. Oz: Testimonies from Furhmanites

Devout  believers in Dr. Furhman’s beliefs are called ‘Furhmanites,’ explained Dr. Oz, and Dr. Oz talked to two of them who way the methods Dr. Furhman taught them to eat better have changed their lives immensely.

Dr. Oz talks to two ‘Furhmanites’ about how Dr. Furhman’s methods have changed their lives.


Dr. Oz talked to a women named Sarah who said she was having terrible head aches every single day and nothing would make them go away. Sarah said she would take hand full’s of medicine, but it hardly stopped the pain. Eventually she as forced to get shots to make the pain subside. After she met with Dr. Furhman, Sarah said she started making changes in her diet and eating habits, and within weeks the head aches melted away.

Dr. Oz also talked a women named Adrienne who said she was overweight and thought all her problems were stemming from her being too heavy. When she met Dr. Furhman and she learned it could be more than her weight, Adrienne said she went home and immediately changed her diet. Within 30 days she had lost 26 pounds, and although she was still overweight, she said she felt better than she had ever felt in her life.

Dr. Oz: Healthy Food is the Key

Dr. Furhman said changing your diet can change a person’s biochemistry and even change their personalities. Every craves something, but the key, Dr. Furhman said, is to crave food that is good for you. Sarah said she bought kale her first day on the diet and absolutely hated the taste. But after a month she couldn’t stop eating it. Sarah said she thought the pills were the answer and now she realizes she was wrong. She just needed to eat healthier.


Has anyone started eating healthier foods and had such profound revelations as these women? Does eating the right food really make that much of a difference? I for one think it can change everything. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.


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