Dr Oz: Free Reebok Shoes & Yonanas Giveaway: 12 Days of Christmas


Dr Oz: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Earlier in the show, Dr. Oz shared seven great gifts to help you feel better in 2012. Dr. Oz continued his 12 Days of Christmas with healthy gifts for days 8 through 12.

Dr Oz: Dogeared Necklace Giveaway

Day 8 – Stay On Track To Lose Weight


Dr Oz 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Janice, a member of Transformation Nation, told Dr. Oz she has lost 13 pounds. She said it’s challenging to stay on track during the holidays, but she’s been trying her best. Dr. Oz suggested that people need a reminder about the reason they are making healthy changes in their lives.

That’s why Dogeared has created custom necklaces for members of Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation, valued at $80. Dr. Oz said he chose a heart and a key charm to remind people that “loving yourself enough to stay on track is the key to success” in life.


Dr Oz: Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Giveaway

Day 9 – Keep Your Heart Healthy

Audience member Jackie said she keeps her heart healthy by exercising daily and eating a healthy diet. She also takes Omega 3s every day, which Dr. Oz said helps reduce inflammation, among other health benefits.

Dr. Oz explained that inflammation increases during the holidays. On the video screen, he demonstrated that inflammation causes plaque to grow and rupture. When that happens, a scab forms and can block blood flow to the heart, which can cause heart attacks or irregular heartbeats. Omega 3 fats can reduce these negative effects and reduce blood pressure.

Dr. Oz gifted the audience with a year’s supply of Omega 3s from Nature’s Bounty, worth over $130. He said the pills are small, easy to swallow, and are specially coated to prevent a fishy aftertaste. Click here to purchase some Nature’s Bounty fish oil.

Dr Oz: Free Reebok Shoe Giveaway

Day 10 – Get Moving

Myra, Susan, and Olda are viewers working toward Dr. Oz’s million-dollar Transformation Nation goal. They help one another stay motivated by running early each morning. Dr. Oz talked about the worldwide trend of running barefoot. He said the next gift will help make running barefoot even better by protecting the feet.

Reebok’s new Real Flex Running Shoes are lightweight, durable, and flexible. They have 76 sensor pads for cushioning and they sell for $90. You can click here to purchase them.

Dr Oz: Yonanas Giveaway

Day 11 – Create Healthy Desserts All Year

Everyone loves desserts, and Dr. Oz said that “not feeling deprived is essential to being healthy,” especially during the holidays. He introduced the Yonanas Frozen Fruit Treat Maker. While everyone loves ice cream, it is high in fat and calories. By freezing fresh fruit ahead of time, you can make healthy, frosty fruit desserts almost instantly. The device sells for about $50 and you can click here to purchase one.

Win Lunch with Dr Oz

Day 12 – Get Support

The final day of Dr. Oz’s 12 Days of Christmas arrived, and Dr. Oz wanted to help everyone get the support they need to be healthy. He is holding a contest, and one viewer will win a trip to the show and a lunch with Dr. Oz. To enter, viewers must write an essay about why they want to transform their health in 2012. Contest details and rules are online at doctoroz.com, where you can also enter to win today’s gifts.


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