Dr Oz: Free Health Test Giveaways & White Vinegar for Blood Sugar


Dr. Oz: Free Health Tests

Dr. Oz wants everyone to know that taking care of your health can be easy and simple tests could actually save your life. One of these tests measures your blood sugar, and can give you important health information in under a minute.

Dr. Oz went on viewer ambushes today, visiting the Circus and a San Francisco Trolley earlier. Next he went to a party, where he surprised Michelle, who is a big fan of the doctor.


Dr Oz: Blood Sugar

Do you know your Blood Sugar level? Find out how to get a free test.

Dr Oz: Blood Sugar Party

It sounds like Michelle throws a pretty boring party, because the guests were watching The Dr. Oz Show when the doctor himself arrived. That is no way to get a party going, though it is undeniably informative.

Dr. Oz subjected the partygoers to Blood Sugar Tests using a simple machine. He said that a typical resting Blood Sugar level should be under 100, and most of the people at the party came in between 85 to 100.


Dr Oz: Dangerously High Blood Sugar

Then it was party hostess Michelle’s turn. She admitted she has a family history of diabetes, and her number was out of control, reading 462. How is she standing still, or even standing up?

Dr. Oz sent her to the doctor, where she was immediately given a prescription. It’s been a short time since Dr. Oz surprised her, and she appeared in the audience with an update. She has lost four pounds and her Blood Sugar is down to 133, so she is on her way to better health.

Michelle said she is also taking supplements and working on changing her diet to maintain better control of her Blood Sugar levels.

Dr Oz: Blood Sugar Guide

Here is a guideline for measuring your own blood sugar numbers. The numbers measure the Glucose levels in your blood.

  • Normal – 70-100
  • Pre-Diabetic – 100-125
  • Diabetic – 126 or above

Dr. Oz: Blood Sugar Remedies

Dr. Oz shared some things we can all do to stabilize and manage our blood sugar levels. Here are his suggestions.

Doctor Oz: White Vinegar For Blood Sugar

He suggested 1 tsp. of White Vinegar before your meal as a way to keep your blood sugar under control.

Dr. Oz: Fruit Reduces Blood Sugar

Dr. Oz recommends snacking on Cherries or Apricots for blood sugar maintenance. These fruits won’t flood your bloodstream with sugar.

Dr. Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid For Blood Sugar

You can also check out a supplement called Alpha Lipoic Acid, which works on reducing blood sugar levels. He said you should start by taking 300 mg daily, and you could eventually up your dosage to 500 mg.

Click here to find Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Dr Oz: Free Blood Sugar Tests

You can get your Blood Sugar checked for free, thanks to Dr. Oz. The first 5,000 viewers who visit his website, doctoroz.com, tomorrow at 3 p.m. EDT will get their tests done for free. That’s a good fan incentive if you don’t know your blood sugar numbers.


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