Dr Oz Foods for Clogged Arteries – The Unclog Your Arteries Diet


Dr Oz: Clogged Artery Diet

One natural way you can work on looking your best is by considering the foods you eat. Dr Oz shared some healthy foods that help maintain your body’s internal beauty, keeping you feeling young and vibrant through the years.

Jennifer was in the audience, and she admitted that her family has a history of Heart Disease. Her grandmother was recently diagnosed, and her father has an enlarged heart. She’s taking steps to get healthy, including joining a gym and chasing her four kids around, which burns who knows how many calories in a day.


Dr Oz: Clogged Artery Foods

Dr Oz shared how fruits and other superfoods can help clear clogged arteries.

She said she is also working on incorporating more green vegetables into her diet, and has switched to baking foods instead of frying them whenever possible.

According to Dr Oz, our arteries are like round tubes. He wanted to share some Superfoods that work hard to keep these tubes, our arteries, from becoming jammed or clogged with gunk that is bad for our bodies.


Doctor Oz: Kiwi & Cantaloupe For Clogged Arteries

Did you know that fruit could be a huge help in keeping your arteries clean and beautiful? Specifically, Cantaloupe and Kiwi work to prevent oxidation from occurring in the blood vessels. Oxidation leads to rust, like you see on the bumper of an old car. Just imagine that happening inside your body. I don’t even want to think about it.

The recommended servings are one cup of Cantaloupe and one cup of Kiwi each day for best results. I wonder if it counts if you’re getting your Kiwi serving as a topping on frozen yogurt.

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Dr Oz: Shrimp Clogged Artery Diet

There is a misconception that Shrimp is bad for your cholesterol levels. But according to Dr Oz, this is untrue.

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It’s Fat, not cholesterol, that clogs the arteries. Shrimp contains good cholesterol, and he explained that it works like plastic wrap in the body. It doesn’t get stuck in your arteries, and it actually contains a chemical that works to keep other bad Cholesterol out.

Doctor Oz recommends eating five medium shrimp twice each week, but make sure you’re getting the grilled shrimp instead of fried, and he said we should say no cocktail sauce. What fun is that?

Dr Oz: Cranberries & Red Grapes Unclog Arteries

Arteries can contain fat, and fruits such as Cranberries and Red Grapes work as a natural strainer to help clear fat out of our Blood Vessels, moving it elsewhere into our cells. Once it’s in the cells, we can burn it off through exercise.

Dr Oz said you should try to eat one cup of grapes three times a week, or drink three glasses of Cranberry Juice per week.


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