Dr Oz: Food Mood Sensitivity Quiz, Trigger Foods & Blood-Brain Barrier


Food Sensitivity: Fat & Out of Control

For patients complaining of weight gain, stomach pain, body aches, and feeling out of control, Dr Oz said the cause could be a Food Sensitivity you didn’t know you had. Take Dr Oz’s Food Mood Sensitivity Quiz and discover the most common trigger foods.

Mounting evidence reveals that these sensitivities are behind many of our health problems. New research finds that even a minor sensitivity can result in a serious immune reaction, causing a variety of symptoms days or weeks after you consume a food.


Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Dr Oz: Food Mood Sensitivity Quiz, Trigger Foods & Blood-Brain Barrier

If you have unexplained emotional reactions or physical symptoms, Dr Oz said to take the Food Mood Sensitivity Quiz to see if what you eat is responsible.

Audience member Sarah said she is often bloated and gassy, tired and fatigued. She said these symptoms occur after she eats, and it is making her dating life difficult. Headaches and lower back pain are also among her complaints.

What about brain fog, joint aches, congestion, food cravings, diarrhea, skin rashes, and weight gain? Dr Oz said all these are classic Food Sensitivity symptoms.


Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Trigger Foods

Bestselling author and nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas joined Dr Oz to show you some of the foods you may not have realized could be giving you trouble. She said that grains and wheat are the biggest offenders, and it can be hard to eliminate them because they are hidden in so many other food products.

Dairy is another trigger for many people. Then there is Corn, which has changed a lot over the past few generations. It has been modified and hybridized, becoming more starchy in the process. Soy is also on the list of Food Sensitivity triggers.

Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Blood-Brain Barrier

A Food Sensitivity could affect any part of your body and cause an array of sometimes unpredictable symptoms. Food is supposed to be digested and broken down by the body for various uses. Inflammatory foods that you may be sensitive to can break through the gut and get into the body’s bloodstream.

That’s when you might have the symptoms Dr Oz and his audience have been complaining about. In some cases, foods can even make it through the Blood-Brain Barrier, which nothing is supposed to be able to get through. Your brain’s response can make you anxious, cranky, sad, or out of control.

Did you ever think Food Sensitivity could cause emotional reactions and unexpected feelings to bubble up? Nora Gedgaudas explained her own journey, which included decades of Depression. Since changing her diet, those problems are a thing of the past.

Dr Oz: Food Mood Sensitivity Quiz

  1. After eating a meal, do you get agitated within a couple of hours?
  2. Do you fly off the handle for no reason?
  3. Is there a certain food you can’t live without?
  4. Do you eat to calm yourself down?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, you probably have a Food Sensitivity, according to Dr Oz. For those who have this concern, Nora suggested attempting an Elimination Diet for about two weeks, taking out one of the trigger foods that could be bothering you.

Keep a journal to track what you are eating and the symptoms you notice or experience along the way. This could help you pinpoint a food you are sensitive to.


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