Dr. Oz: Food Elimination Gut Flush Diet & Replenishing Good Bacteria


Dr. Oz: Gut Flush Diet

Dr. Oz has been talking to a woman named Christina who suffers from regular constipation and bloating. After Dr. Oz ruled out common causes of constipation. he turned it over to Dr. Amy Myers to talk about her Gut Flush Diet. She said that she sees patients in her practice a lot complaining about gas, bloating, and constipation who aren’t able to find answers from conventional medicine.

Dr. Myers said she thought Christina was eating something she was sensitive to or “feeding an infection”. Or possibly both.


Dr. Oz: Elimination Diet

Dr. Oz: Food Elimination Gut Flush Diet & Replenishing Good Bacteria

Dr. Oz helped Christina with a special gut flush diet by Dr. Myers to help replenish her good bacteria and starve out the bad bacteria. (Mjak / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Myers said that Christina should go on an elimination diet by taking out gluten, dairy, corn (including high fructose corn syrup and corn starch), eggs, soy, caffeine, and sugar. Dr. Myers said Christina should take them all out at once and gradually add them back one at a time. Dr. Myers said that the longer Christina cuts these out, the better.

Dr. Oz: Flush Out Bad Bacteria

Dr. Myers said that bad bacteria might be the problem, too. That’s why she recommends people try to flush it out. You know it might be bad bacteria if you suffer from brain fog, itchiness, unexplained rashes, nail fungi, yeast infection, antibiotic use, and eating a lot of carbs. That can mean you have an imbalance in your gut bacteria and you likely have an infection such as a yeast overgrowth or bacteria overgrowth. One of these symptoms combined with bloating and constipation.


If you do have these symptoms, Dr. Myers said people should get out the bad stuff and get in good stuff. Dr. Myers said that people should starve out the bad bacteria by getting rid of high-carb and high-sugar diets and try to kill it by taking oil of oregano. Usually, you take oil of oregano two in the morning away from probiotics and other foods, and two in the evening. It depends on the bottle.

Dr. Oz: Replenish With Good Bacteria

Then, there’s getting the good bacteria back. The key here is fermented food, which helps feed good bacteria. Dr. Myers recommended a gluten free sourdough starter to make pancakes and cultured vegetable starter to help ferment a salsa.

Dr. Oz said that everyone should try this diet for two weeks. It will help you lose weight and help you feel good.

Dr. Oz said that Christina will be blogging about her journey as a poop journal and a nutritionist will be checking on her.

If this diet seems strangely familiar to you. that’s probably because it’s really similar to JJ Virgin’s The Virgin Dietwhich is another great diet you can try for getting rid of constipation and bloatnig.


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