Dr Oz: Allergy Label Accuracy, Avoid Food “May Contain” Allergens


Dr Oz: How Accurate Are Food Allergy Labels?

Millions of people have decided to give up dairy, go gluten-free, or cut sugar from their diet, which means the accuracy of food labels is now more important than ever. Some food labels will include words like “manufactured in a facility that uses…” or “main contain…” as well as “made on shared equipment that also processes milk products.”

The labels can be confusing, which is why Dr Oz and Jenna Wolfe wanted to break it down to help consumers better understand what they’re buying. Jenna explained that there are so many processed foods out there and one cookie alone can have 25 different ingredients. Plus, we’re all on specially-crafted diets, which encourage us to read food labels and better understand exactly what we’re eating. Not to mention the number of people living with allergies. That’s why it’s more important than ever to know exactly what we’re ingesting.



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