Dr Oz: Which Fish Are Safe To Eat? Mario Batali Fish Recommendation


Dr Oz: Which Fish Are Safe To Eat?

For years, Dr Oz and many others have been encouraging us to eat more fish, because it can have a lot of health benefits. But recent news has made people question whether there are too many toxins in our fish supply.

A few years ago, a toxic spill in Japan occurred after a tsunami, spilling hundreds of tons of toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean. The fishing industry was restricted in Japan for three years, but in America, tuna caught near San Diego was found to contain 10 times the radiation as in the past.


Dr Oz: Mario Batali Fish Concerns

Dr Oz: Which Fish Are Safe To Eat? Mario Batali Fish Recommendation

With toxic chemicals from Japan polluting the Pacific Ocean, Dr Oz turned to chef Mario Batali for advice on which fish are safe to eat in our regular diet.

So what is safe to serve in your kitchen? Dr Oz and Chef Mario Batali, co-host of The Chew, discussed the safety concerns and options. Batali said his customers had been asking, so he started looking into the questions and controversy.

Dr Oz wondered why more people are not talking about food safety when it comes to fish. Batali said the government has not been out in front of this, and some are skeptical of the motives of particular journalists who may be fueling the hysteria.


Dr Oz: Fukushima Power Plant Contamination

Chef Batali said that he has never served fish imported from Japan in his restaurants. “We always use local, wild, generally line-caught fish or good farm fish, mostly from America,” Batali said. His restaurants vary their seafood offerings seasonally.

The leak at the Fukushima power plant in Japan contaminated fish with nuclear waste. Three years later, Japanese radiation levels in fish would be considered extremely dangerous in America. That water has made its way to the other side of the ocean, where it is beginning to cause concerns for fish caught on the West Coast.

Meanwhile, the Japanese power plant is still leaking radiation into the water. Dr Oz wondered whether Batali has changed his own dining habits.

Dr Oz: Monterey Bay Aquarium Fish Resources

Mario Batali said he relies on information from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website and app, which regularly updates information about toxicity and endangered fish on a weekly basis to help you make informed decisions.

Dr Oz explained that Shrimp are bottom feeders, which are likely exposed to radiation in the water. Calamari is a popular appetizer, but Calamari could eat Shrimp and consume that radiation.

Then there is Tuna, which can eat Calamari or Shrimp. You can see how your radiation exposure could snowball. Swordfish could be eating all the smaller seafood, potentially raising your exposure to radiation.

Dr Oz: Mario Batali Fish Recommendation

The US government still maintains that fish caught in the US are safe, but Dr Oz and others said it is too soon to tell. Mario Batali’s recommendation was to vary the foods you eat, which can help you prevent getting too much of anything. Plus, variety can keep your diet interesting.

Here are some suggestions Batali recommended, which are also on par with current US government recommendations, helping you to avoid mercury poisoning and potentially high radiation levels.

  • Twice a Week Fish – Salmon, Cod, Haddock
  • Once a Week Fish – Flounder, Sea Bass, Sardines
  • Once a Month Fish – Snapper, Grouper

Dr Oz and Mario agreed that you should never overcook fish. Batali suggested going for medium rare.


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