Dr Oz: Fast Food Cheat Sheet, Veggie Burger Calories + Food Phonies


Dr Oz: Fast Food Cheat Sheet

Dr Oz met Fast Food Addict Brittany, who is always looking for a drive thru fix. He wanted to introduce her to someone who could help from the perspective of having been there. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien was on hand to present Dr Oz’s Fast Food Cheat Sheet.

Dr Oz: Avoid Fast Food Phonies

Lisa Lillien shared her solutions that let you still have your favorite foods, allowing you to enjoy large portions by making smart swaps. Dr Oz said he knows Brittany and others are not going to give up the convenience of fast food.


The first tip is to Avoid Fast Food Phonies, which may sound like smart alternatives but are probably not. They may be marketed as fresh or premium, but the nutrition facts reveal that they are bad for you.

Dr Oz: Fast Food Veggie Burger Calories

Dr Oz: Fast Food Cheat Sheet, Veggie Burger Calories + Food Phonies

Dr Oz and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shared a Fast Food Cheat Sheet that will help you make smarter choices when you are ordering food from a drive thru. (Anna de la Cruz / Shutterstock.com)

A particular Fast Food veggie Burger had 640 calories and 35 grams of fat, making it less healthy. That comes from cheese, sauce, and the bun. That’s the same as a double cheeseburger with small fries.


What can you do instead? Go with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, leave off the mayo, and try to only eat half the bun.

Dr Oz: Smoothie Vs Sundae

Another fast food phony was a breakfast smoothie, which came in at 540 calories. That’s just as many as a hot fudge sundae, so why make that swap? If you want, you can ask for low fat ice cream as a substitute.

Dr Oz: Don’t Eat On The Go

Dr Oz told Brittany that she should slow down and stop eating on the go. Don’t eat while driving. Instead, wait until you get where you are going and be conscious of the meal you are enjoying.

Dr Oz: Matching Your Craving

Lisa Lillien got Brittany to promise she would make one meal every day at home, instead of eating out three times each day. She showed her a Hungry Girl version of Fried Fish, one of Brittany’s favorite foods. She said that the meal would cost less than $5 to make. It was breaded with high fiber cereal and served with carrot fries.

Dr Oz set Lisa up as Brittany’s coach to be there for her as she tries to make these healthy changes to her diet and daily routine.

Dr Oz Fast Food Cheat Sheet

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Fast Food Burger Cheat Sheet

  • Customize, but keep it simple
  • Choose grilled chicken instead of fried
  • Use lettuce instead of a bun
  • Add onion, tomato, ketchup, and mustard
  • Try a salad, without the cheese (and skip fattening dressings)

Hungry Girl: Dr Oz Fast Food Mexican Style Cheat Sheet

  • Get plenty of on fresh vegetables, salsa, and lean protein.
  • Say no to cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.
  • Go for a burrito bowl, without the tortilla or chips.
  • Combine the ingredients of two tacos into one tortilla.
  • Get a taco salad without the shell, and use salsa instead of dressing.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Fast Food Pizza Cheat Sheet

  • Blot excess oil off your pizza to remove extra calories.
  • Try to limit yourself to one slice, with a side salad.
  • Choose thin crust and go light on cheese.
  • Go for veggie toppings instead of meats.

Hungry Girl: Dr Oz Coffee Shop Cheat Sheet

  • Avoid hidden sugar in coffee drinks.
  • Say no to the extra calories from whipped cream.
  • Ask for skinny options on your favorite drinks.
  • Get it unsweetened, and add your own natural sweetener from the condiment bar.
  • Go with fat-free milk.
  • Add cocoa powder and/or cinnamon for more flavor.
  • Stick with English muffin egg white sandwiches from the breakfast menu.


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