Dr Oz Energy Restart: Wheatless Wednesday + Iron Vitamin C Power Pair


Dr Oz: Restart Your Body 5 Ways In 5 Days

You don’t have to buy anything for Dr Oz’s new plan to Restart Your Body, 5 Way in 5 Days. No matter what day of the work is most difficult for you, he has a solution for each day of the week. How can you feed your body better?

Dr Oz: Meatless Monday Diet Benefits

Carrie helped Dr Oz explain the first day of the plan, Meatless Monday. Most people have meat in their diets, and chicken is probably the most popular. Carrie said she eats meat multiple times per day, but feels that she has low energy.


Dr Oz Energy Restart: Wheatless Wednesday + Iron Vitamin C Power Pair

Dr Oz’s Energy Restart plan outlined small changes to your routine that can give you more energy on every day of the week, including Wheatless Wednesday.

Fatty meats especially can slow the digestive process, with symptoms like exhaustion and constipation. Meat is part of the culture, but Dr Oz said it should be doable to swap out your meat one day a week, with alternatives like veggie burgers or portobello mushrooms.

Dr Oz: Twos-Day Power Pair Iron & Vitamin C

Dr Oz enlisted twins to help him explain Twos-Day, his new name for Tuesday on the Restart Your Body plan. His Power Pair of foods contains Iron and Vitamin C, which team up to give you happy energy (is that a scientific term?).


Here are some inviting Power Pair ideas:

Dr Oz: What Is Wheatless Wednesday?

Jennifer helped Dr Oz reveal another new concept, Wheatless Wednesday. Wheat and carbs can make us feel exhausted or tired. Many people are more sensitive to wheat products than they might realize.

Small amounts of wheat are manageable for the body, but too much wheat can overwhelm the body, which cannot keep up. What can you eat instead? Try Spaghetti Squash or Un-Fried Chicken using Rice Krispies as breading.

Dr Oz: Thirst-Day Pomegranate Juice

Next on the calendar was Thirst-Day. Flush out inflammation that can be dragging your body down. Dr Oz recommended the antioxidant benefits of Pomegranate, which is available as Pomegranate Juice, Pomegranate Tea, or even for use as a cocktail mixer.

Dr Oz: Fatty Acid Friday

End the week with something tasty that most of us can agree on. The fat in Fatty Friday comes from Fatty Acids, which Dr Oz said help the body convert energy. Think about enjoying flaxseed pancakes, avocado on a salad, or salmon at dinnertime.

What is your favorite day of the week on Dr Oz’s Restart Your Body calendar? “All these are easy things we can all do. I’m talking about making subtle changes for five days that will take us to a whole new place in energy,” he said.


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