Dr Oz: Eliminate FLUNC Foods from Diet & Include 6 Tastes in All Meals


Dr Oz: Deepak Chopra Meditation Cleanse

Deepak Chopra is on Dr. Oz today to explain how his 21-Day Meditation Detox Cleanse not only helps clear your mind and body, but also helps you connect with yourself on a more spiritual level. He went over what meditation is and explained the numerous benefits of making meditation a part of your daily life.

Deepak Chopra’s Rules To Nourish Body, Prepare For Meditation

Dr Oz: Eliminate FLUNC Foods from Diet & Include 6 Tastes in All Meals

Deepak Chopra explained what FLUNC foods are and why they need to be eliminated from your diet. He also went over the six tastes you need in every meal.


Deepak Chopra said the most important factor in reducing stress and preparing for meditation is to keep the body nourished. He believes food to be the basis of life, so he created three rules to get your body nourished and ready for meditation.

Eliminate the FLUNC Foods – Deepak Chopra said FLUNC foods are all the frozen, leftover, unnatural, nuked and canned foods in our diet. He explained these are all dead foods and our body needs live foods. After one week of removing FLUNC foods from your diet, you will see a difference in how you feel.

Include Six Tastes In Every Meal– Deepak Chopra said there are six types of foods we need to eat at every meal:

  • Astringent Foods – These are foods that have a puckering effect on the body like green apples, edamame, red peppers, yellow peppers and beans.
  • Bitter Foods – These are foods like broccoli, green peppers, red cabbage, asparagus and cauliflower.
  • Pungent Foods – These are spicy foods that stimulate your metabolism, such as onions, leeks, ginger and garlic.
  • Salty Foods –You want to include foods with natural salt in them like fish, but make sure to consume salt in moderation.
  • Sour Foods – These include grapefruit, tomatoes and berries.
  • Sweet Foods – These do not include food that contain processed sugar but rather foods like whole grain bread and nuts. He said these foods have a sweet aftertaste.

Deepak Chopra cautioned everyone who did not want to include all six tastes into every meal they eat because he said they can lead to cravings, which in turn leads to eating unhealthy junk foods.

Find Moderation In Your Hands – Deepak Chopra said many people consume a lot of unhealthy foods and this rule forces you to focus on whether or not you really are hungry. He explained that your stomach is about the size of your fist, something to keep in mind when eating. You should only be eating enough food to fit into your hands when they are cupped together. If you follow the rules above, Chopra said this amount of food will keep you full until it is time for the next meal.


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