Dr Oz: Eating At Night, Schedule Meals & Estrogen Detox Curry Leaves


Dr Oz: Burn Fat All Day

Are you tired of putting in all that time exercising and watching what you eat, only to fall short of the goals and results you had in mind? Dr Oz and his guest said that this cycle might not be your fault, due to the biology of blubber. If your hormones are out of balance, it won’t matter what else you do to achieve weight loss, according to The Hormone Diet author Dr Natasha Turner. She joined Dr Oz to share advice about eating at night and adding curry leaves to your diet.

Dr Oz: Schedule Your Meals

Dr Turner’s first piece of advice is to schedule your meals. You should be eating at the same time every day to regulate your hormones. Food is the most critical component of the hormonal balance you need to achieve for weight loss, and we often take for granted that when we eat matters almost as much as what we eat.


For breakfast, make sure you eat something within one hour of waking up. Then eat every three to four hours afterwards throughout the day, always at the same times. This will help your body maintain a low insulin level and reduce belly fat in addition to cravings.

Dr Oz: Eating At Night

Dr Oz: Eating At Night, Schedule Meals & Estrogen Detox Curry Leaves

Dr Oz & Dr Natasha Turner explained the perils of eating at night before bed, why you should schedule meals, and how to do estrogen detox with curry leaves.

Are you a nighttime eater? I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t get around to dinner as early as the average person, but I probably also stay up a little later as well. The rule here, according to Dr Natasha Turner, is to avoid eating within three hours of your bedtime.


That’s because eating naturally raises the body’s temperature, and you want that temperature to be as low as possible at bedtime. This will allow your body to burn fat as you sleep by releasing hormones.

Dr Oz: Protein Hormone Regulation

Protein should be an important part of each meal, according to Dr Turner. That’s because it stimulates the hormones and lets your body know when you are full. Try to make it at least 35% of your diet, with portions about the size of the palm of your hand.

Dr Oz: Eggs Anti-Inflammatory Protein

Try to choose anti-inflammatory, low fat protein sources that will help your stomach signal your brain when you are full. Eggs are one of Dr Turner’s favorite superfoods, because they’ve been proven to make people eat less throughout the rest of the day.

With six grams of protein per egg and healthy fats, eggs can be a great way to start your day. But Dr Oz said that women could also consider combining four egg whites with one yolk to build important hormones such as progesterone and estrogen.

Dr Oz: Ricotta Cheese & Cottage Cheese Snacks

Also on Dr Turner’s list of favorite foods were Ricotta Cheese and Cottage Cheese, which are low-fat, high protein snack sources that can be portable if needed. If she could get people to change one thing, it would be to increase the amount of protein in their diets to an absolute minimum of 30%, which can have dramatic effects.

Dr Oz: Cinnamon Coffee & GLA Hemp Seeds Review

Dr Turner suggested getting GLA Hemp Seeds in your diet as fat burners, because they target belly fat and are a fibrous, filling snack. Try throwing a few tablespoons into a smoothie or sprinkling them over a salad.

As for Cinnamon, try adding 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to your coffee. If you do this for one month, you will have better balance of your body’s insulin levels. You could also try cinnamon in Ricotta Cheese or a smoothie.

Dr Oz: Estrogen Detox Curry Leaves

Finally, Dr Turner suggested anti-inflammatory, antioxidant Curry Leaves, which can regulate blood sugar and burn belly fat. Curry Leaves are also known to provide estrogen detox, which will help achieve the optimal hormonal balance in the body.

Which of these snacks or superfoods is your favorite suggestion so far? Share your ideas and experiments in the comments.


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