Dr Oz: Eat Less Drinking Bone Broth & Bone Broth To Lose Weight


Dr Oz: Should You Drink Bone Broth?

Laura Prepon, star of Orange Is The New Black, claims bone broth is the “fountain of youth.” She claims that it heals you from the inside out and takes it with her all day long to sip it throughout the day. Actress Salma Hayek also calls bone broth the “botox alternative” and Shailene Woodley claims “bone broth is everything!”

So how much of a difference can bone broth make in real life and can you really see a difference in just 21 days? Nutritionist and Paleo lifestyle expert Kellyann Petrucci, author of “The Bone Broth Diet,” joined Dr Oz to discuss how the experiment went. But first, she explained that bone broth is made from simmering bones from beef, chicken, or turkey over a long period of time. The broth is then filled with amino acids, calcium, and collagen at just 86 calories a cup! Kellyann recommended you have some bone broth with your meals or before your meals to eat less while still getting the nutrition your body needs.



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