Dr. Oz: Easy Meals to Make at Home – Lisa Lillien Hungry Girl


Dr. Oz: No More Guilt – Easy Meals

Dr. Oz: Easy Meals to Make at Home - Lisa Lillien Hungry Girl

Dr. Oz invited Lisa Lillien on to the show to talk about food swaps and helping a family find some quick, easy and healthy dinners to make.

As Dr. Oz has been pointing out all episode, the feeling of guilt can kill you. And Dr. Oz knows that dinnertime can be the most stressful time for any parent. trying to balance health and time can be very tricky, and many parents feel very guilty about feeding thier children food they know is not healthy but rather easier to make.


Dr. Oz talked with Monique, a mother of three, who is having a hard time finding time to do anything. She said she feels guilty when she feeds her family unhealthy food, but it seems she has no choice between raising the children, getting them to football practice and her husband working long hours.

Dr. Oz: Family Dinner Weight Gain

Monique also said she is fifty pounds over weight and wants to lose the weight so she can be a hot mom. She knows she shouldn’t let her children eat popsicles or junk food in the middle of the day, but she said it is easier sometimes than trying to force her children to eat healthy. he also said she wanted to have some quick and easy recipes that she make for her family that are healthy.

As for her husband, Carlos, Monique said he does help out when he can, but sometimes he ends up bringing home a pizza after she has tried to make some healthy food for her children.


Dr. Oz told the children they need to help out more in the kitchen, to which they all replied they would. Personally, I think it is always a good idea to teach children to cook food at a young age.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien

Dr. Oz invited Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien to the show to talk about making some quick, easy and low fat meals for the family. And Lillien is the person to help them. She is a best selling author, the cook behind her own cooking show on the Food Network and her website gets over one million views.

Lillien said she would help Monique find great food recipes to make, noting she does all the homework trying to find food swaps for recipes. All Monique has to do it cook the food.


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