Dr Oz: Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? Supplement Study


Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

It’s a new season for Dr Oz, and that means time to say goodbye to old habits and yes to health. This episode explored the fat burner that works to put it to the test. But Dr Oz also had something important to say to viewers and consumers everywhere. First up, Dr Oz wanted to talk about the health benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which blew up over the summer, leading to some tense times for Dr Oz.

“I got attacked for calling Green Coffee Bean Extract a miracle,” he said. “I was not paid to say that, nor am I paid for anything I’m about to talk about today.”


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract

To put those findings to the test, Dr Oz decided to do his own study, with 100 women from his studio audience. But first, Dr Oz gave us a refresher course on what Green Coffee Bean Extract is, and how it works.

Dr Oz: Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract work? Dr Oz asked his audience to help him study the effects of this supplement.

“It’s a supplement that helps you burn fat faster,” he said. “It works best when it’s in this green plant form.”


Dr Oz: How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

But its fat burning properties are destroyed in the coffee roasting process, which means you can’t get the same weight loss benefits from coffee (that’s a shame). Researchers actually don’t think caffeine has anything to do with the process, since Green Coffee Bean Extract is almost entirely caffeine-free.

Rather, Dr Oz said it’s antioxidants in this supplement that boost fat loss. He illustrated this with an innovative television experiment, inviting 100 audience members to participate in actual research.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Experiment

Dr Oz consulted with experts, including Dr Caroline Apovian, director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management (and creator of The Overnight Diet smoothie recipes), in putting together the criteria for this study. “We wanted to be safe, and we wanted to decrease the noise,” she said of her part in developing the study.

Candidates for the study had the following in common:

  • Women ages 35-49
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 25-45
  • No Diabetes, Heart Attack or Stroke
  • No Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Keeping the sample as similar as possible helped to see the effects of this supplement in a larger group of people.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Food Log

To aid in the research, Dr Kristin Kirkpatrick, wellness manage at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, asked the participants to keep a food log. She explained why this was such an important part of the process.

“What we wanted to see was, was the individual weight loss attributed to the Green Coffee Extract, or was it attributed to other factors in their diet?” she said.

Participants were supposed to maintain a regular daily diet and avoid changing their regular habits. The women confirmed that they got to stick to their normal diets during the research.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

Half the participants received Green Coffee Bean Extract, while the other half received placebo pills. Study instructions and access to an online food log were included. Researchers recorded the women’s statistics, habits and results.

Some women even recorded video messages throughout their process, documenting their food frustrations and weight loss progress. Back in the studio, Dr Oz talked with women who participated to find out why they got involved.

Multiple women said they wanted help jump starting their weight loss. Another woman was hopeful that she could get some help. Multiple women said they believed they got placebos. No one knew beforehand whether they had received the real thing or not.

Dr Oz couldn’t wait to reveal the results of the weight loss study and tell the women who received the placebos vs the real deal.



  1. Missy says

    There were some things that Dr. Oz said that you had to look for to make sure you were getting the right product as there are thousands of green coffee bean extract’s on the market. What were the ingredients to look for?

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