Dr Oz: Curtis Stone What’s For Dinner & Hot Sauce Benefits vs Ketchup


Dr Oz: Chef Curtis Stone What’s For Dinner Review

Chef Curtis Stone, author of What’s for Dinner, stopped Dr. Oz’s show for the first time to help everyone in the audience solve their biggest dinner dilemmas. Dr. Oz said he was excited to have Stone on the show because he is one chef whose goal is to create healthy meals with fresh, healthy produce.

Dr Oz: Curtis Stone What's For Dinner & Hot Sauce Benefits vs Ketchup

Dr. Oz and chef Curtis Stone checked out his favorite healthy foods, what he believes to be the best kitchen appliances and why kimchi is a must-have. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Curtis Stone Healthy Foods 

Dr, Oz paid a visit to chef Curtis Stone’s home to find out what healthy staples he always has in his kitchen. Stone told Dr. Oz said he likes to eat more of what comes out of the ground and less of what comes from a package. Some of his favorite healthy foods are listed below and you might notice that most of them are the foods Dr. Oz is always telling us to eat.

  • Quinoa – Curtis said he likes to use quinoa to make patties or pancakes.
  • Greek yogurt – Great for a creamy sauce, a beautiful dip or as an ingredient in a shake.
  • Olives – Curtis said he uses olives in salads because they add a salty taste without all the sodium.
  • Chocolate ice cream – While it might not be healthy per say, it is always healthy to indulge once in a while.

Dr Oz: Try Replacing Coffee Maker With a Juicer

Curtis Stone always hears people say it is impossible to eat healthy on a budget but he said it is not true. He said he has been on a mission to teach people how to eat healthy on a budget because he wants people to be healthy and because he loves the way food brings people together. Below is his list of the three essential tools every kitchen should have handy.

  • Juicer – While Dr. Oz saw the juicer as a luxury item for most people, Curtis Stone said to keep it on the counter and try to replace your coffee maker with it. A fresh glass of juice is a great way to start the morning.
  • Meat Pounder – Most people eat too much protein each day but a meat pounder is the best way to get the healthiest portion size for all your meat.
  • Blender – Stone said one of his favorite ways to use a blender is for making a healthy dip to snack on with chopped vegetables.

Dr Oz: Kimchi – Aids In Digestion and a Natural Probiotic

Curtis Stone also had some life-changing food everyone should have in their kitchen.

  • Kimchi – Stone said it is his future mother-in-law who introduced him to kimchi. He said he adds it to omelets and to stir-fry recipes. Dr. Oz said it is a great food because it is loaded with probiotics and aids in digestion.
  • Hot sauces – Hot sauces are not only great to cook with, but they can also be used when serving meals at the table as a condiment, especially in place of less healthy options like ketchup.


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