Dr Oz Cravings: Turmeric Vs Salt, Cardamom Vs Sweet + Cloves Vs Carbs


Dr Oz: Spices To Kill Your Cravings

Does willpower always lose out to cravings in your diet battle? Dr Oz said that you could be more successful by using spices as your secret weapon. Stir in some Turmeric, Cardamom, and Cloves to get results.

How do you know whether you are having a Craving or experiencing True Hunger? True Hunger is when you have stomach contractions or grumbling because you haven’t eaten in awhile. Cravings are more complex and can often be tied to emotional elements. They tend to be much more specific.


Dr Oz: Turmeric for Salty Cravings

Dr Oz Cravings: Turmeric Vs Salt, Cardamom Vs Sweet + Cloves Vs Carbs

Dr Oz explained how you can put spices to work in fighting your cravings, such as Turmeric instead of salt, Cardamom for sweets, and Cloves replacing carbs.

Do you tend to crave salty chips or sweets such as cookies? Whatever the case, you could find some spices that are solutions for you. Turmeric can help you get that salt fix in a healthy way.

Dr Oz suggested adding it to eggs, salad, root vegetables, or your favorite protein. “It’s not like salt. It gives you a different kind of taste,” he said. If you are a salt craving lover, try adding Turmeric into your diet three times a day.


Dr Oz: Cardamom Feeds Sweet Cravings

Some people cannot say no to sugar. If sweetness makes your eyes light up, you may be able to benefit from Cardamom. Doctor Oz said that an average American has 16 extra teaspoons of sugar per day, so finding an alternative such as Cardamom could really have an impact on your diet.

Though it’s not as sweet as sugar, it can give you some of the flavor without the cravings. Dr Oz also suggested getting Cardamom into your system before a sugar craving hits, to prevent it from coming on.

Try adding Cardamom to oatmeal, or drink Cardamom Tea, a Dr Oz favorite.

Dr Oz: Cloves Vs Carb Cravings

Carb lovers are all around us, and maybe you are one of them. Is bread your weakness? Then Dr Oz prescribed Cloves as the spice you can use to regulate blood sugar and cut starchy cravings.

But it is all about timing, and Dr Oz suggested adding a pinch of cloves with cinnamon to yogurt. Find out how these tastes work for you and make spices work for you to shut down cravings.


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