Dr Oz: Cottage Cheese To Lose Weight + Whipped Cottage Cheese


Dr Oz: Tasty Food To Help You Lose Weight

While on the topic of tasty foods you can enjoy while still losing weight, Dr Oz highlighted yet another food you should consider trying if you’re concerned about your weight, cravings, blood pressure, or all of the above. Dr Oz claims there’s one food we should all be eating, but likely aren’t. Plus, it’s a cheese!

Dr Oz pulled out a time capsule from 1975 and revealed that the “forgotten food” he was referring to was cottage cheese! It drastically decreased in popularity in recent years, but it’s time for cottage cheese to make a comeback!


Dr Oz: Cottage Cheese New Weight Loss Trend

Dr Oz believes cottage cheese is poised to become the newest weight loss food trend. He believes cottage cheese can really change people’s lives. But first, he sent Rhenotha out on the streets to find out what people really thought about cottage cheese. According to Rhenotha, cottage cheese was a snack-time staple in the 70’s, when the average American ate five pounds of the stuff each year. But then, it steadily declined.

Protein-rich Greek yogurt seemed to replace cottage cheese. Sales of Greek yogurt are up nearly 200% in the last ten years. If you’re looking for protein-rich healthy fat, why not eat cottage cheese? Rhenotha learned that people seemed to have a problem with the texture.


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