Dr Oz: Control Your Cravings + Why You Crave Sweets Or Salt


Dr Oz: Control Your Cravings

Many of Dr Oz’s viewers shared their cravings confessions. Whether it’s sweets, cheese, meat, or carbohydrates, as well as combination of those foods, we all have cravings. He welcomed Women, Food, and Desire author Alexandra Jamieson, who explained that cravings are our bodies trying to tell us that something is out of balance. She said they’re not the enemy because it’s how our body communicates with us, so we can actually use them “as our allies.”

Dr Oz: Keep A Cravings Log

Dr Oz: Control Your Cravings + Why You Crave Sweets Or Salt

Dr Oz looked at why you could be craving certain foods and what you can do to control your eating. (Edith Rum / Shutterstock.com)


The first part of Alexandra’s plan to control your cravings was to create a log to identify “the gateway trigger.” She shared her log from when she started the whole experiment. She said you should write when you were having a craving, what you were wanting, and how you were feeling in that moment.

Alexandra said when you first feel an urge, take a step back first rather than immediately reacting to it. She said you should take a moment to look at what you’re cravings are saying about your emotions. Then look at how you feel after it happens, and whether you feel better or worse.

Dr Oz: Why Are You Craving Salty, Sweet, Or Comfort Foods?

Alexandra then explained if you’re craving salty, crunchy potato chips, it could be related to anger. She said we hold in a lot of anger, so it’s satisfying to crunch something like chips or cookies with nuts in them.


If you’re craving sweets and sugars, it’s often related to comfort. She said sugar can be calming for a few minutes, but will get us in trouble in the long term.

If you’re craving comfort foods like mac and cheese, it’s often because you’re lonely.

Dr Oz: Chew Your Food

Alexandra explained that chewing slowly is one the best ways to transform your relationship with food. She said you should fine-tune your fullness by chewing your food until it’s mostly liquid. It can help your metabolism transform as well. She said you can either be stressed or digest, but you can do both at the same time. If you chew until the food is almost liquid, you’re actually already doing a lot of the breaking down of carbohydrates.

Irene, a member of the audience, experimented with this for a few days. She said it was an eye-opener for her because she’s a stressed working mom who is always on the road. She said she went to a separate room in her home, and had to really think about it. She said it took time and she took smaller bites, so when she actually felt full, she had extra food on her plate. Irene said she used to feel hungry, even after a big meal, but after this she felt fuller.


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