Dr Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Weight Loss Rules & Calorie Count


Dr Oz: Chris Powell Carbs & Weight Loss

Dr Oz spent the hour talking with Chris Powell about his diet plan of Carb Cycling. We got everything from why low carb diets don’t work to the importance of the energy zone. Plus, there are even Chris Powell high carb recipes and low carb recipes just for the plan. Just consider this Chris Powell Cheat Day advice as another great gift of this diet.

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Prevents Weight Gain

Chris Powell said you should alternate between high carb days and low carb days for six out of the seven days of a one-week plan. But that leaves day seven. What will you be eating that day? Chris said it’s a Cheat Day, which means you get to indulge your cravings and eat anything you want.


Dr Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Weight Loss Rules & Calorie Count

Diet expert Chris Powell shared his rules for making the most of your Chris Powell cheat day without messing up your diet & still losing weight.

He said the Cheat Day is very important, because it relates to the emotional factor he mentioned earlier. If you feel like you are being deprived of something you want, you are not going to be able to stick with your diet plan in the long term. The Cheat Day gives you the best of both worlds, and following it with a low carb day means you are actually going to supercharge your metabolism.

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Calories

Chris laid down a few ground rules to keep your Cheat Day on track. On a Chris Powell Cheat Day, you should eat no more than 1000 extra calories, compared to a typical day (that sounds like a lot!).


The Carb Cycle meals give you approximately 1500 calories per day, so you could have up to 2500 calories on your Cheat Day. If it helps keep you on track, Dr Oz suggested making a list of things all week long that you’d like to have as Cheat Day rewards.

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Meal Cheats

Chris had a few more rules as well. He said you should only cheat at breakfast and lunch. Part of the reason for this is that most mindless eating occurs in the evenings, between 6 p.m. and midnight. You don’t want those extra calories to balloon out of control.

He also said you have to cheat while sitting at a table. Don’t eat in the car or while watching TV. Enjoy the food, because it’s your reward for a week of hard work.

Also, don’t keep any leftovers from your cheat day, because they will throw you off track as you get ready to start a new week on his seven-day plan. I have to say, I like the way this guy thinks. It seems Chris Powell has thought of everything.


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