Dr Oz: Choosing Healthy Food + Family Style Gluten-Free Cooking


Dr Oz: Gluten Free Food

Dr Oz was discussing gluten and helping to sort through all the confusing information. One of the most confusing topics out there is gluten free food. Although gluten sensitivity only affects around 1% of the American population, more and more people are going gluten free because they think it’s better for them. Since 2012, sales of products that are gluten free have gone up 63%. In 2014, more than 4,500 gluten free products were introduced. Now, products that never even contained gluten to start with, are adding “gluten free” to their labels.


Dr Oz: No-So-Healthy Gluten Free Food

Dr Oz: Choosing Healthy Food + Family Style Gluten-Free Cooking

Dr Oz talked about choosing the right gluten-free foods and then shared how one family went entirely gluten free. (g_firkster / Flickr)

Dr Mark Hyman joined Dr Oz to help viewers know exactly what they’re getting when they buy gluten-free products. Dr Hyman explained that many people think just because a food is gluten free, it’s healthy. “Gluten-free cake and cookies is still cake and cookies,” he exclaimed.

In fact, a lot of those foods may be even worse for you, because when the gluten is taken out, something has to be put in to make the food edible. That means they put in more sugar, more fat, more salt, and more calories. Not to mention all the chemicals that are put in the food as well.


Dr Oz: FDA Regulations On Gluten-Free Foods

There’s also not a lot of regulation about what can be labeled gluten free, and some gluten-free foods may still contain a small amount of gluten. The FDA says the factories need to meet certain standards, but they don’t investigate or tightly regulate. Plus, the food can be cross-contaminated when the same equipment is used for wheat products. Dr Hyman encourages everyone to simply eat real food.

Dr Oz: The High Cost Of Gluten-Free Foods

Dr Oz then talked to a woman who has been shopping gluten free for three years. She experienced some extreme symptoms so she went to an allergist who recommended she go gluten free, and since all her symptoms have disappeared. The woman then explained that bread is a big part of her life, so her favorite bread is 70 cents per serving, compared to just 25 cents per serving for a non-gluten-free bread. As for a muffin, it costs twice as much for a gluten-free one.

Dr Oz: Eating Gluten Free Food

Dr Oz then introduced a family who has gone completely gluten-free and has shared their journey on their blog No Gluten, No Problem. The Bronski family explained that the biggest difference between how they eat now compared to how they used to eat, is how much they eat at home. Peter Bronski said they still enjoy their favorite foods, but now they’re made gluten free.

They even still enjoy lasagna, except instead of noodles, they use potatoes. They make it just like a normal lasagna, except layer thinly sliced potatoes rather than the long noodles. Easy enough! Their kids even get to have chicken fingers, but instead of regular bread crumbs, they dredge the chicken tenderloins in gluten-free flour, and then coat the chicken in gluten-free bread crumbs. After baking in the oven, they’re crispy and tasty just like regular chicken tenders!


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