Dr Oz Cholesterol: Metamucil Review, Garlic Edamame & Niacin


Dr Oz: Garlic Edamame, Niacin & Metamucil for Cholesterol

Part of a healthy life is knowing your numbers, such as your weight, heart rate, and even your Cholesterol. But knowing what’s going on with your body is just the beginning. If you have high cholesterol, you have to manage your diet and pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. But there is some good news. There are natural ways to lower your cholesterol, including Garlic Edamame, Niacin, and Psyllium, which Dr Oz featured on his show. For more great tips, check out Dr Oz’s segment on how Glucomannan & Dark Meat lower cholesterol.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Garlic Edamame

Dr Oz's natural Cholesterol tricks included a recipe for Garlic Edamame & the benefits of Metamucil.


Pamela was in Dr Oz’s audience, and she said she has high cholesterol. Over the last few years, she’s gotten her cholesterol down from 220 to 215, but now she needs help making even more progress, since her numbers are still not ideal.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Garlic Edamame Recipe

Try adding some Garlic Powder to your Edamame as a side dish at dinner. This has been shown to lower your bad LDL Cholesterol numbers.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Niacin

Niacin is high in B Vitamins, and it works to stabilize your good HDL Cholesterol. Try adding 500 mg Niacin (or as much as 2 g) per day to your diet. Check with your doctor for personalized advice about what’s right for your situation, because everyone’s dietary and physiological needs are different.


Dr Oz Cholesterol: Psyllium

Psyllium is a high fiber ingredient found in Metamucil. The best way to get it in your diet is simply to start taking three daily doses of Metamucil. Be sure to drink a full glass of water with each dose, preferably at meal times.

Metamucil works by creating a thick gel in the bowels. This will help high cholesterol foods move into the bowel instead of hanging out elsewhere in the body and causing health problems. Psyllium helps suck Cholesterol out of your body, eventually coming out through the bowels.

Don’t read this if you’re eating, but Dr Oz said the Metamucil gel will come out slushy. That’s all the unwanted Cholesterol that the Metamucil kept your body from absorbing. So though it may be gross, at least it’s healthy.


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