Dr Oz: Chia Seeds Review – Whole & Raw Chia Seeds Fight Cravings


Dr Oz: Chia Seeds – The Miracle Seed

Dr Oz shared his health miracles on this episode, including the Coconut Oil Swap and Double Coconut Popcorn Recipe. But there are many more diet miracles in your future, including a new miracle snack. Get the Dr Oz Chia Seeds review to find out how to beat those junk food snack cravings once and for all.

Dr Oz Chia Seeds Review

Dr Oz: Chia Seeds Review - Whole & Raw Chia Seeds Fight Cravings

Dr Oz shared a chia seeds review to show how whole chia seeds and raw chia seeds can fight your junk food cravings, all day and into the evenings.



  1. Anna says

    I tried them in water – I only got about half of it down because the seeds floated on top and my gag reflex kicked in 🙂 I think I will either add them to yogurt or just make a gel and eat that.

  2. Anna says

    Yogurt is SO much better! I drink a protein shake every morning so I put some in there, and then I mix some in yogurt at lunch. I read something that said chia seeds intensify the flavor of whatever you mix them with. Imagine the taste of water intensified – it was a bit overwhelming. I highly recommend the yogurt (or pudding) route.

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