Dr Oz Chakra Diet: Mudras Hand Gestures, Mantras + Foods For Chakras


Dr Oz: The Plan to Restore Your Chakras & Your Health

Dr Oz worked with Dr Kulreet Chaudhary on the Chakras Energy Quiz to help you find out whether any of your seven chakras is blocked. You can attempt to unblock the chakras using foods, mantras, and hand gestures called mudras.

Dr Oz Root Chakra Foods: Red Foods + Mantra

If you have constipation or lower back pain, what should you do? Red foods help the root chakra, so include a red fruit or vegetable at each meal. Beets, pomegranates, and apples will help draw energy downward in the body.


Mantras cause your tongue to hit specific reflex points in the body, sending information to the brain and certain organs. Catch your tongue right behind your teeth and say “Laam.” Repeat it for five minutes once a day, or when you feel ungrounded.

Dr Oz Sacral Chakra Foods: Orange Foods & Mudras for Chakras

For problems with this chakra, include an orange fruit or vegetable at each meal. Oranges, pumpkins, and carrots are great for the Sacral Chakra. Dr Oz Chakra Diet: Mudras Hand Gestures, Mantras + Foods For Chakras

You can also create an energetic lock, called a Mudra. “Bring in the two fingers with your thumb and have the two outer fingers out. Apparently, this is a heavy metal sign,” Dr Chaudhary said.


Do this for about 10 minutes to get potential physical benefits. Try it while waiting in line.

Dr Oz Solar Plexus Chakra Foods: Yellow Foods + Mantra

Dr Chaudhary recommended complex carbohydrates and yellow foods for this chakra. Try yellow lentils, yellow peppers, and yellow squash. But avoid white sugar!

The mantra for this Chakra is “Raam,” with the tongue back further in the mouth.

Dr Oz Heart Chakra Foods: Green Foods + Mudra

For heart health, choose cooling green foods that will promote blood flow and reduce inflammation. Kale and broccoli are recommended.

The mudra for this chakra is similar to a peace sign. But instead of making the peace sign, put the fingers together next to each other.

What about the skeptics? Dr Chaudhary said that alternative energy healing is starting to catch on in Western hospitals as well.

Dr Oz Throat Chakra Foods: Dark Blue & Purple Foods

The throat chakra’s food remedy is dark blue or purple foods. Try purple potatoes, grapes, and blueberries.

Dr Oz Third Eye Chakra Foods: Purple Fruits & Vegetables

Purple and dark blue foods are good for the Third Eye chakra as well, including symptoms such as depression. Try blueberries and figs.

The famous mantra “Ohm” is the mantra for the third eye.

Dr Oz Crown Chakra Remedy

Instead of food, if you think your Crown Chakra is blocked, go out in nature and experience the beauty of the world. Even if you are skeptical, Dr Oz said to give this a try to deal with root causes of health problems instead of symptoms after the fact.

What do you think of the chakras and this advice from Dr Oz and Dr Chaudhary?


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