Dr Oz: Brown Rice Syrup & Arsenic in Organic Vs Non-Organic Foods


Dr Oz: Arsenic In Brown Rice Syrup?

Dr Oz is always on the lookout for harmful ingredients in popular food products. But did you know there could be Arsenic hidden in something your family might be using as a health food alternative? Dr Oz invited Dr Urvashi Rangan to speak about the questions surrounding Brown Rice Syrup and Arsenic in food.

Dr Oz: Brown Rice Syrup

Dr Oz: Brown Rice Syrup & Arsenic

Brown Rice Syrup is an ingredient in Cereal Bars, Protein Bars and other foods. But could it be adding Arsenic into your diet?


Brown Rice Syrup is used in many organic foods. On average, organic items cost about 50% more than comparable non-organic problems. But if you think you’re paying for the health benefits, you could be wrong.

Dr Oz reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently recalled Peanut Butter that was contaminated with Salmonella and Beef that had E. Coli.

Brown Rice Syrup is found in products such as Cereal Bars, Protein Bars, and even baby cereal. The Arsenic levels that end up in these products can vary, but Dr Rangan said the bottom line is that there probably isn’t any more Arsenic in organic products than in regular food items.


Dr Oz: Arsenic In Food?

There are a variety of ways that Arsenic can end up in our food supply, whether it comes from the soil, groundwater or even fertilizer.

Some foods that are likely to have a higher concentration of Arsenic include Rice and Grapes, which are used to make products like Wine and Grape Juice. That’s because these foods will absorb some of the Arsenic content from the surrounding soil. Dr Rangan said that there are problems with quality control and standards for Arsenic in our food supply.

Organic Vs Non-Organic Foods

He said that overall, Organic Foods are still preferable to traditional options for their varied health benefits. Studies have found that kids who eat an Organic Diet ingest lower amounts of pesticide. Dr Rangan believes the bigger discussions about food should surround the types of soil we use and what we do with our food to get it to our table.

Dr Oz: Brown Rice Syrup Warning

If you’re worried about Arsenic in your Brown Rice Syrup, look in your kitchen for food products that list this ingredient. You may want to reduce your reliance on these products until government standards are in place. But that’s only half the battle, because a lot of Brown Rice Syrup comes from international sources.

Dr Oz said that there’s no reason to be concerned about buying Organic. In fact, you can often find great deals on Organic Produce (where is he shopping?).

Where do you stand on the Organic Food movement? What do you think about Arsenic in your food?


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