Dr Oz: Broccoli Leaves, Dulse, & Kohlrabi + Little Pink Pill


Dr Oz: The Next Kale

Dr Oz was discussing the controversy over kale and whether it could possibly be bad for your health. If you’re looking to start consuming a different vegetable every now and then, Dr Oz wanted to help you out. So which green can be the new kale? Broccoli leaves, kohlrabi, or dulse?


Dr Oz:  Are Broccoli Leaves The New Kale?

Dr Oz: Broccoli Leaves, Dulse, & Kohlrabi + Little Pink Pill

Dr Oz took a closer look at three different vegetables tha have the potential to become the next kale. (goat_girl_photos / Flickr)

Keri Glassman first explained that broccoli leaves are, of course, the leaves of broccoli. She called broccoli the “it veggie” and explained that it’s nearly impossible to find broccoli leaves that aren’t organic. Plus, they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Broccoli leaves have 100% of your daily vitamin C needs per half cup and two times the amount of calcium as kale. Plus, they’re super versatile and a bunch costs just $1!


Next, Brooke Alpert shared that for one cup of kohlrabi, it’s not even 20 calories. Plus, it’s anti-aging and can prevent wrinkles and vitamins, loaded with potassium and vitamin C. You can eat both the leaves and the root of kohlrabi and it’s incredibly versatile.

Finally, Andrea Beaman explained that dulse is an ocean vegetable and is one of the most mineral-rich foods on the planet. As she described dulse, Dr Oz took a bite and practically gagged, so that’s not a very good sign! She described it as savory and salty, and then shared that it’s loaded with potassium and iodine. Dr Oz agreed that it tasted like bacon, and the other tasters said they liked broccoli leaves the most.

Dr Oz: “The Little Pink Pill”

Dr Oz wanted to open up a conversation about “the little pink pill” and ask his audience if anyone would try it. One audience member said she would try it, saying she would want an immediate result. Another 65-year-old audience member wondered if she was too old to try it, and wondered if it would “be ready when she’s ready” rather than give her immediate results.

Dr Oz: How Flibanserin Works

Dr Oz explained that the pill was just approved by the FDA and will be available with a prescription by the end of October. But, the drug has been rejected by the FDA twice due to low effectiveness and side effects that include dizziness. So is it really the equivalent of the “little blue pill?” Dr Oz said, not really. The man’s pill affect blood flow while the pink pill boosts chemicals in the brain, similar to an anti-depressant. The blue pill works in just one hour, while Flibanserin takes about a month to use before you see any benefit. This is the only medicine of its kind, available for women.

Are you planning on trying the little pink pill?


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