Dr Oz: BPA Hormone Changes, Potato Pesticide & Artificial Dairy Cancer


Dr Oz Alert: The Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch

How safe are our groceries? Dr Oz assembled a panel of food experts who shared the foods they avoid because of their potential health hazards from potato pesticides, BPA hormone changes, and artificial growth hormones.

Dr Oz: Conventionally Grown Potato Pesticides

Dr Alan Greene is a pediatrician with 20 years of experience. He said that he does not like to see parents or children eating Potatoes, because they have a high content of synthetic pesticides. He claimed that children have lost 16 million IQ points as a result of the side effects from Potatoes.


Dr Greene told Dr Oz this is the most popular vegetable among children. But pesticides are put on the potatoes at every stage, from before planting to after harvesting. Washing and peeling won’t help, because pesticides get into the potato’s structure.

Dr Oz: BPA Hormone Changes, Potato Pesticide & Artificial Dairy Cancer

Three physicians warned about everyday foods that could be putting your health at risk, like potatoes with pesticide and BPA hormone changes in canned food.

The Dr Oz Show bought potatoes at a grocery store and tested them at EMA Labs, where the results were alarming. Dr Oz said that there were 10 times the amount of pesticides in conventionally grown potatoes, compared to organic potatoes.


Dr Oz: Pesticide Side Effects in Youth

Dr Green said these pesticide levels can be correlated to ADHD and developmental delay, among other symptoms. Early exposure increases your likelihood to have problems or side effects. His advice was to choose organic potatoes. If a five-digit PLU code on your potato starts with a nine, it is organic.

“On the very next shopping trip, you can make a difference for your family’s exposure,” Dr Greene said, noting that testing proved that pesticide levels in the body can be depleted when you switch to organic.

Dr Oz: BPA Hormone Changes

Gynecologist and hormone specialist Dr Jennifer Landa had another food warning. BPA is a chemical that has been linked to reproductive problems, and just a single serving in five days can increase the levels up to 10 times.

Dr Landa told Dr Oz she will not eat canned foods because of the BPA content. She said that it interferes with natural hormones, sometimes even mimicking them. It has also been associated with infertility.

Dr Oz explained how hormones like Natural Estrogen are supposed to be the only thing that can affect certain cells. But BPA can have similar effects, also leaving your cells open to damage over time.

If you are looking for a substitute, choose labels that say foods are BPA-free. Also look for glass bottles or boxed goods that will not contain this dangerous chemical.

Dr Oz: RBGH Dairy Cancer Risk

Dr Marleen I. Meyers is an oncologist who also has a food warning for us all. Though this food is a nutritional building block, it contains an ingredient that could pose a breast cancer risk. She said you should avoid dairy produced with artificial hormones.

The hormone RBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) is meant to stimulate milk production, but it also stimulates the hormone IGF, which is linked to increased incidence of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

Dr Oz: Organic Dairy Products + No Artificial Growth Hormone

It was once thought that IGF was broken down in the milk, but recent research has proven that this is untrue. RBGH could be in up to 40% of your dairy products, putting you unknowingly at risk.

One side effect is that the hormone prevents natural cell death, leading to an excess of cells, some of which can grow out of control, which is a sign of cancer. How can you avoid this risk from dairy? Dr Meyers recommended choosing organic dairy products or hormone-free dairy products. It could say “No Artificial Growth Hormones” on the package.


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