Dr Oz: Boost Metabolism Spice Blend, Yogurt Dip, & Salad Dressing


Dr Oz: How To Give Your Metabolism A Jump Start

Is your metabolism in need of a jump start? Dr Oz welcomed top experts who had brand new methods they recommended to put your body’s fat burning into overdrive. Dr Oz welcomed two women he referred to as “the metabolism power duo,” nutritionist Maya Feller and Dr Aviva Romm.

Dr Romm explained that if you’re feeling tired, sluggish, or foggy, aren’t getting good sleep at night, and are gaining weight especially around your belly that you can’t seem to lose, they could all be signs of a slowing metabolism. The good news is that there are simple changes you can make and some people even see major results in just a couple weeks!


Dr Oz:  Why Diet Is Better Than Exercise For Weight Loss

Maya Feller explained that you need to create a caloric deficit in order to experience weight loss. If you were to try to do that through exercise, you would need about four hours of high intensity exercise on a daily basis which isn’t sustainable. Instead, you should look at the food you’re eating and aim for healthier, plant-based foods, that way you’re consuming enzymes that really help block fat for a successful outcome.

Dr Oz’s 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough is a plant-based diet that can certainly help rev your metabolism, but Dr Romm and Maya wanted to share a few additional tips to get you going in the right direction.


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