Dr Oz: Best Low Sugar Greek Yogurts + Greek Yogurt Cooking Swaps


Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt

Dr Oz starts his day with Greek Yogurt for breakfast. The food has been popping up in supermarkets from coast to coast, so Dr Oz wanted to help you figure out which one is right for you. He shared the best low sugar Greek yogurts and even some Greek yogurt swaps featured on the show.

Dr Oz: Which Greek Yogurt is Right for You?

Dr Oz compared nutritional values on dozens of yogurts, followed by a blind taste test to see what his taste buds preferred. Do you regularly eat Greek yogurt? If not, here is what Dr Oz had to say about the healthy food.


Greek yogurt is strained to remove water and excess sugar, leaving behind protein and a thick consistency.

Dr Oz: Best Low Sugar Greek Yogurts

Some Greek yogurts Dr Oz found had even more sugar than two doughnuts, which cancels out their health benefits. For this taste test, Dr Oz chose flavored yogurts that did not contain artificial sweeteners.

Dr Oz: Best Low Sugar Greek Yogurts + Greek Yogurt Cooking Swaps

Dr Oz studied and compared brands to come up with the best Greek yogurts in terms of low sugar, high protein, and digestive benefits.


Stonyfield Organic Greek Vanilla Yogurt & Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt

Greek yogurt can help keep your blood sugar regulated. But Dr Oz said adding fruit leaves less room for yogurt in the container. Taste tester Andrea preferred the blueberry sample.

Dr Oz: Best High Protein Greek Yogurts

Both the yogurts in this category had 20 grams of protein, the equivalent of three ounces of lean meat.

Fage Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt & Dannon Oikos Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt

Plain yogurt has better protein benefits, and taste tester Victoria preferred the Fage, though she admitted it had a slightly bitter taste; Dr Oz disagreed, saying the taste was perfect.

Dr Oz: Best Greek Yogurt for Digestion

Greek yogurt containing active cultures promotes good digestion.

Chobani 2% Strawberry Banana Low-Fat Greek Yogurt & Dannon Oikos Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt

Look for a seal on the package stating that the Greek yogurt has Live & Active Cultures, as certified by the National Yogurt Association. Taste tester Marilyn said she started eating yogurt to prevent yeast infections. Greek yogurt does typically include fat, so be aware of that.

Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt in Recipes

Even if you don’t want to eat it plain, you can use Greek Yogurt when cooking to lower your fat content and end up with a healthier recipe.

  • Swap Greek yogurt for heavy cream in pasta sauces, cup for cup. You will cut 165 calories per serving, while adding six grams of protein.
  • Swap Greek yogurt for up to half the butter or cream in a recipe.
  • Swap Greek yogurt for oil in baking. Use 1/4 cup Greek yogurt for every 1/3 cup of oil in a baking recipe to save on fat and calories.


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