Dr Oz: Best Alkaline Foods, Diet Menu Plan + Acid Vs Alkaline Balance


Dr Oz: Alkaline Food Plan To Fight Toxic Acid Overload

America’s classic diet is heavy on meat and carbs, but that could be giving your body more acid than it needs. Dr Oz said that Alkaline Foods are the counterbalance to toxic acid.

Meat, cheese, and carbs can taste great, but they create toxic acid in the body. Beat them back with fruits, veggies, beans, and fish, which are Alkaline foods that balance the equation. According to new research, this is not just a fad. It can actually detoxify the body and build muscle mass, boosting metabolism.


Dr Oz: Alkaline Foods

Dr Oz: Best Alkaline Foods, Diet Menu Plan + Acid Vs Alkaline Balance

Do you want to feel better and lower disease risks? Dr Oz and dietitian Ashley Koff showed how you can balance Acidic foods with the best Alkaline foods.

Alkaline Foods can also help you prevent Diabetes and weight gain. Dietitian Ashley Koff told Dr Oz that we need more Alkaline foods, to support to lower half of the body’s digestive process. Koff said that the focus is on digestion, and adding Alkaline foods or swaps can lead to healthier digestion, clearing skin and helping patients lose weight, as well as reducing the risk of chronic disease.

There are three groups of foods that produce toxic acid:

  • Refined Carbs – Sugar & white flour
  • Dairy – high fat butter & cheese
  • Meats & Poultry – animal proteins

You don’t have to get rid of all these things, but limiting them will help you.

Dr Oz: Acid-Producing Foods Vs Alkaline-Producing Foods

You may be thinking of citrus in terms of acid tastes. But Ashley Koff told Dr Oz this has more to do with what reaction foods cause in the body than how they taste to the tongue. White flour (wheat crackers, for example) and other foods can erode the kidneys, making it harder for them to do their job.

This can have a ripple effect throughout the body, changing your hormones and promoting Diabetes. Broccoli and Lemons are examples of Alkaline foods that can shield the kidneys and protect your body from harm.

Dr Oz: Best Alkaline Foods

What are the best Alkaline foods you can eat? Ashley Koff and Dr Oz looked at the foods you eat most and where they fall on the spectrum.

  • Acidic Fruits (Lemons & Limes) – weak acids that trigger bicarb in the small intestine
  • Tropical Fruits – balancing acid-forming foods
  • Green Vegetables
  • Gluten-Free Grains – Quinoa, for example
  • Spices – Cinnamon & Ginger
  • Lower Acid Proteins – Salmon, Sardines, Tofu

These are just some of the great foods you can eat in your daily life.

Dr Oz: Alkaline Diet Menu Plan

Ashley and Doctor Oz outlined a plan you can put into practice to help balance the foods in your own body. Eat at least two alkaline foods for every acidic food at each meal. Here are some examples of how to do that:

  • Breakfast: Egg (acid) + Spinach (alkaline) + Grapefruit (alkaline)
  • Lunch: Turkey (acid) + Greens (alkaline) + Avocado Dressing (alkaline)
  • Dinner: Whole Wheat Bun (acid) + Salmon Patty (alkaline) + Stir-Fry Veggies (alkaline)

Dr Oz: Alkaline Lemon Water

Sometimes you want to indulge in a favorite acidic-producing food. Eat Alkaline foods before you have an acid-promoting treat. Try squeezing the juice of 1/2 lemon into a water, or make a green juice drink at home.

Cinnamon Tea or herbal tea is another great way to balance the foods you may crave so that you preserve your body’s health. With so many options, you can customize your alkaline foods to your favorite tastes.

Dr Oz: Alkaline Spices

Top your foods with alkaline spices and herbs. Cut back on sauces. Use spices on popcorn or cheese, or add them to meals in place of sugary sauces.



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