Dr Oz Belly Fat Snacks: Swiss Cheese, Avocado + Olives & Green Tea


Dr Oz: Fat Blasting Myths

Dr Oz gave solutions that can help you lose weight and get in shape at any age. Stop doing sit-ups and start eating Swiss cheese to blast belly fat. Plus, get the snack idea Dr Oz said you should have every day.

Dr Oz Myth: You Can’t Blast Belly Fat After 40?

Dr Oz said that the body can get mixed signals as we age, thinking it should store fat rather than release it. That can cause the shape that we do not want. But there is a surprise tip that can help you release some of that belly fat.


Dr Oz Swiss Cheese: Fight Belly Fat with Calcium

Swiss Cheese makes a great snack, and if you eat that instead of sugary sweets, you can help your belly fat disappear. That’s because calcium in the cheese prevents fat from being stored, instead metabolizing it. This will counteract a hormone change that is associated with obesity.

Dr Oz Belly Fat Snacks: Swiss Cheese, Avocado + Olives & Green Tea

Dr Oz shared belly fat snacks and debunked myths about when and why we lose stubborn belly fat. Try eating Swiss cheese, avocado, olives, and green tea.

Dr Oz said to eat about one ounce of cheese with every meal to help fight your belly fat.


Dr Oz: Losing Belly Fat After Age 40

Doctor Oz invited a parade of women to join him on the stage. Each of them busted belly fat after age 40. Part of their process was getting more dietary calcium. One woman said she lost 86 pounds in one year, and another lost 30 pounds in two months by eating better and giving up late night snacks.

A woman who lost 50 pounds said that she is off her medications and has become a lifestyle coach.

Dr Oz: Do High Fat Foods Cause Belly Fat?

Do high fat foods cause belly fat? Dr Oz busted another Belly Fat Myth. His audience volunteer said that she tried to give up high fat foods, but Dr Oz used a demonstration to explain why he is not a fan of low fat foods.

Sugar in low fat foods turns on the body’s fat cells, Dr Oz said. This can make you overwhelmed by fat from within your own body. Eating monounsaturated fats is a healthy way to manage your diet, which will put you on a better path.

Dr Oz: Avocado + Olive Snack for Fat Loss

You can actually fight fat with fat. It’s all about eating olive oils and other healthy fats, which naturally melt the body’s fat.

Mix 1/2 cup Avocado with 1/2 cup Olives for a healthy daily snack. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on this for an extra fat-burning boost!

Dr Oz: Do Sit-Ups Blast Belly Fat?

Have you heard that doing 100 crunches or sit-ups every day will give you a flat stomach? Dr Oz had some news for you. This is another belly fat myth.

Doctor Oz said that sit-ups exercise muscles deep inside the belly. Though your muscle is getting stronger, it is still covered in a layer of fat. “You cannot spot reduce fat. It doesn’t work,” Dr Oz said.

Dr Oz: Green Tea Coffee Swap for Metabolism

Though sit-ups are good exercise, they will not get rid of your belly fat. Instead, drink green tea for catechins that change the body’s metabolism for the better. Add two cups of Green Tea per day to your diet. Just steep it in warm water for 20 minutes.

Though it has less caffeine than coffee, it contains other natural energy sources.


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