Dr Oz: Bacopa Extract 150 mg, Avocado &Tuna Memory Booster Superfoods


Dr Oz: Memory Booster Superfoods

There is one more health myth on Dr Oz’s agenda. That is the idea that our memories begin to decline over time, as part of the aging process. This doesn’t have to be true, and to prove it, Dr Oz welcomed a special guest.

Dave Farrow is a memory expert and holds two titles in the Guinness Book of World Records. He said that anything that helps the body naturally helps the brain. That’s why he eats certain foods to increase his brain power and improve his memory.


Dr Oz Bacopa 150 mg

Dr Oz suggested taking 150 mg of Bacopa Extract to boost your memory.

To put this to the test, Dr Oz gave Dave a deck of cards before the last commercial break. Dave was supposed to memorize the cards after looking at them only once. Dave had memorized the entire deck, and rattled them off as quickly as Dr Oz could flip through the deck.

One of Dave’s World Records is for memorizing 59 decks of cards, which gives me a headache to even think about.


Dr Oz: Beets Memory Superfood

Dr Oz and Dave shared some superfoods that can fuel memory. The first was Beets, which lower the body’s blood pressure while increasing the brain’s blood flow. Research has discovered that memory problems are associated with low blood flow to the brain.

Dr Oz: Cashews Memory Superfood

Cashews are a source of Thiamine, which makes them a great brain power snack. Thiamine is key to memory, and Cashews are loaded with it. Also try Cashew Butter, which contains another beneficial ingredient, Ginkgo Biloba.

Dr Oz: Avocado Memory Superfood

Dave loves Avocados and he said he eats them daily. Their nutrients include Vitamins E and K, as well as Folate and good fats. This combination keeps arteries from hardening.

It’s recommended that you eat them about twice a week as you introduce them into your diet. Then you can have them as often as you like. Dave even recommended using Avocado as a substitute for mayonnaise in tuna salad.

I love Avocados, but they seem to take forever to ripen, and then there’s a short window of opportunity when they’re at their best. Maybe I’m just forgetting to check on them.

Dr Oz: Bacopa Extract Dosage

The final superfood to strengthen memory power is Bacopa Extract. Dr Oz suggested taking 150 mg daily.

Dave mentioned that you’ll start to see results and improvement in your memory in as little as two weeks, if you introduce a few servings per week of these superfoods.


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