Dr Oz: Anti-Bloat Elixir Recipe, Reheating Leftovers + Women’s Colons


Dr Oz: The Bloat Cure

Are you afraid that bloating could break the button on your pants? Dr Oz’s Bloat Cure is coming to the rescue. Find out why women have more problems than men and try starting your day with an Anti-Bloat Elixir Recipe.

Dr Oz used balloons to demonstrate how much gas we can all produce during a day. Bloating can be caused by raw, salty, or fatty foods, as well as dairy, diet soda, or carbonated drinks. Talking on the phone and chewing gum can also cause gas bubbles.

Dr Oz: Men Vs Women Colon

Women have curvier colons, whereas men’s colons are shaped like horseshoes. For women, the Colon can be like a roller coaster. No matter what the reason, everyone wants relief. Dr Oz turned to gastroenterologist Dr Robynne Chutkan.

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