Dr Oz: Adderall Abuse – The Dangerous Diet Craze Sweeping America


Dr Oz: Supermoms & ADHD Drugs

What do you know about Attention Deficit Disorder and its cousin Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? ADD & ADHD have become prevalent diagnoses in America over the last few decades, and these disorders are most often treated with medication.

But as so often happens, these drugs sometimes end up in the wrong hands. Prescription medications such as Ritalin and Adderall are given to treat ADHD and ADD in children and adults. But today’s Dr. Oz audience was filled with moms who take these medications for another reason.


  1. Dawn Christian says

    I started taking this about 3 years ago. Took it initially. For first time to see what it did to my son. I have Add was diagnosed as a teen. I never took meds. This 25 mg pill made me High!! Mind you this is a dose given to a child who weighs 95lbs. I weighed 215 lbs. I was hooked first time.. I lost major weight got down to 132 lbs. I’m 6 foot tall. I was in Love with this stuff. Sound good? NO! I QUIT SLEEPING WENT 6 DAYS ON 2 HRS SLEEP. FELT LIKE BUGS WERE CRAWLING ALL OVER ME! I spent $20k in 3 months on cleaning stuff and bug bombs. I was convinced we had Bed Bugs!! I took more and more pills to keep the high. I had psychosis. From not sleeping. Then I started Drinking to sleep. I almost lost my family, and my life if my mom had not come to help I would be Dead! She. Found my pills and locked me in a room for 5 days. SLEPT WHOLE TIME! BEEN OFF IT FOR 2 YEARS NOW I CANT REMEMBER MOST OF 2 ND YEAR ON THAT DRUG. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT. IT MAKES PEOPLE NUTS. I GAINED 70 LBS IN 3 MONTHS AFTER. GOING OFF BECAUSE I HAD NOT EATEN IN AN ENTIRE YEAR. I WILL NEVER TAKE IT EVER AGAIN. GIVE ME SCATTER BRAINS ANY DAY I NEVER WANT TO BE THAT NUTS AGAIN

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