Dr Oz: 5-Day Fasting Diet + What Does 1,000 Calories Look Like?


Dr Oz: Fasting Five Days A Month

Dr Oz began his show by talking about a controversial way of eating that has you restricting what you’re eating, just five days a month.The science community has been talking about doing five das of low-calorie eating per month. It’s being called “the next big thing in weight loss.” Fasting doesn’t exactly sound enjoyable, but what if you only had to do for five days each month. Not so bad right?


This intermittent fasting idea can supposedly give you the benefits of calorie deprivation while allowing a lot more food. It calls for the dieter to eat just 1,000 calories for five days, and those who have tried it reported increased fat loss, more stamina, and an ability to breakthrough plataeus. Now, researchers are taking a closer look to see if it can have a positive effect on diabetes and even prolong your life. Critics say the diet isn’t for everyone, so is it the right plan for you?

Dr Oz: 5-Day Fasting Diet + What Does 1,000 Calories Look Like?

Dr Oz explained that 5-day fasting diet tha has many medical professionals wanting to find out more. (tipstimesadmin / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Restricting Diet For 5 Days A Month

Dr Oz explained that this diet is typically meant for someone who has trouble restricting on a daily basis, and those who want more freedom. Dr Oz was excited to walk his viewers through the program, and the study out of USC. He explained that every month, you will pick five days in a row that you will restrict your calories, while the rest of the month you eat normally. Those 1,000 calories, however, have to be primarily plant-based.

Dr Oz: What Does 1,000 Calories Look Like?

If you’re eating just 1,000 calories, the ideal would be 56% fat, 10% protein, and 34% carbohydrates. At the Cleveland Clinic, they put together a day’s worth of meals adding up to 1,000 calories to show what that would look like. For breakfast, an egg frittata, for lunch a tomato-based soup, a snack of hummus and crackers, and for dinner spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. But don’t forget about dessert! You can have chocolate tofu mousse and still be under the required 1,000 calories.

Dr Oz: 5-Day Fasting Diet Benefits

Dr Michael Roizen joined Dr Oz and said this diet fad is already huge in the United Kingdom. It’s important to do it the right way, however. Dr Roizen further explained that it decreases abdominal fat, which decreases inflammation in your body. Second, it decreases risk factors for heart disease, and also decreases your risk for type 2 diabetes. The diet plan could even allow your stem cells to reproduce themselves, which means it slows down the rate at which you age.

Dr Oz: 5-Day Fasting Study

The 5-Day Fasting Study was tested on yeast and mice and there has been published results on 19 people. The second wave of testing was just completed. Dr Roizen said he tried it himself and said it wasn’t that hard to do, and by the end of the five days, he wasn’t hungry at all. But he also found that he couldn’t work out as hard during those five days because he got tired easier. Dr Oz also tried the 5-day diet and said he had an almost peaceful feeling. He said he had a different kind of energy, but wasn’t necessary high or low on energy.

Dr Roizen lost three pounds and his LDL cholesterol went from 84 down to 71, after three months on the plan.

Dr Oz: 5-Day Low Calorie Experiment

If you’re considering trying the 5-day fasting diet, you’re likely wondering one of two things “what will I eat?” and “how will I feel?” Dr Roizen actually followed two women who tried the diet, one of whom shared what she ate during those five days. She said she woke up hungry and had a green smoothie with coconut water, and then snacked on pumpkin seeds before lunch. For lunch she ate Dr Roizen’s tomato soup but added peas to help her feel more full.

Around 3:00, she had a fruit ice-pop, before enjoying a cabbage steak. It’s just a slice of cabbage, roasted in olive oil with some seasoning. After dinner she would have the chocolate tofu mousse for dessert with some strawberries. She admitted she was a little starved, but because it was only five days, she managed.

Dr Oz: Trying The 5-Day Fasting Diet

The other woman who tried the diet kept a video diary of how her five days went. On day two she was starving and miserable, but on day three and four she was more motivated. By day five, she felt great, had more energy, and even said her stomach felt flatter. Melissa said she plans on doing it again next month!

Does this sound like a plan that would work for you? Are you willing to try fasting for five days, knowing the possible benefits?



    • Laura Hiraoka says

      I watched the show when this diet aired on Dr. Oz. The diet is supposed to decrease waist fat so I think the “increases abdominal fat” is a typo and it should say it decreases abdominal fat, which decreases inflammation.

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