Dr Oz: 40 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Day + “Healthy” Sugar Sources


Dr Oz: 40 Teaspoons Of “Healthy” Sugar A Day

Dr Oz explained that Damon Gameau was so curious, that he actually turned himself into a human guinea pig. He ate the equivalent of 40 teaspoons a day for 60 days, but only by eating what were supposedly healthy foods. Dr Oz called That Sugar Film the must-see movie of the summer, and then introduced Damon Gameau.


In the film, Damon explained his rules for the next 60 days. He would consume 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, but they had to be hidden sugars found in commonly perceived healthy foods. Damon joined Dr Oz and explained that he chose 40 because that’s, unfortunately, what most Australians are eating every day. Dr Oz said the FDA recommends that added sugar not exceed 10% of your daily calories, for most people that means just 12 teaspoons a day. Damon then added that the WHO recently recommended only 5% for some people, which would be just 6 teaspoons a day.

Dr Oz: 40 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Day + "Healthy" Sugar Sources

Dr Oz spoke with the man behind “That Sugar Film” to talk about the surprising sources of sugar in our seemingly healthy diets. (uwehermann / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Unexpected Sugar Bombs

Damon avoided ice cream, soda, candy, and the other obvious sources of sugar. He turned to sports drinks, low-fat yogurt, granola, vitamin waters, iced teas, condiments, and many more, which actually had a lot of sugar. When Damon talked to his doctors, they basically told him he was an idiot. He said he was naive, so he didn’t think he would get much of a result.

Dr Oz then showed a picture of Damon’s body before he began the experiment. After just 60 days, his belly grew significantly. Damon explained that after just 60 days he was on the verge of cirrhosis, he was pre-type 2 diabetic, was at risk for heart disease, had 4 inches of visceral fat, and put on 19 pounds. Incredible! Damon said one of the biggest surprises was the experiment’s effect on his mental health. About 45 minutes after he ate the sugar, he would lose concentration and would be a “a bit aloof.”

Dr Oz: Addicted To Junk Food

Dr Oz showed a bran scan of a cocaine addict, showing that the habit-forming area of the brain was lit-up. When they were shown pictures of someone using cocaine, those areas died down because the release of dopamine. He showed the same type of scan for someone who is constantly consuming junk food, and they had the same result.

It took Damon six days to go back to normal, explaining that he suffered from headaches and didn’t sleep very well, but six days is “doable when you think about the rest of your life.

Dr Oz: Surprising Sources Of Sugar

Dr Oz asked his audience who indulged in soda once a day and quite a few raised their hands. Even more raised their hands when asked if they purchase and consume fruit juice. Dr Oz said he actually makes his own juice, while few audience members did. Damon pointed out that store-bought juices are pretty much just sugar because they’re made from fruit juice concentrate made with water. In one can of soda there is 8 teaspoons of sugar. In 12 ounces of fruit juice, there’s approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar.

Dr Oz then juiced three apples and Damon explained that there are approximately 4 teaspoons of sugar in one apple, which means if you’re juicing three and drinking it, that’s 12 teaspoons of sugar. Damon further explained that fruit in its natural state is healthy for you because you couldn’t just eat three apples without the fiber telling you you’re full. Once you change the state of those apples, however, you can consume a lot more sugar.

Dr Oz: Consuming Less Sugar At Home

Damon shared that in his home, they predominantly drink water but sometimes they’ll freeze blueberries or add a splash of something into their water for a bit of sweetness. He explained that as you cut back on sugar, your palate will actually adjust to where you won’t b needing the extra sweetness. Dr Oz shared a great idea, saying that when he drinks fruit juice, he’ll cut it half and half with seltzer water to lower the sugar content.

Are you guilty of consuming these sugar bombs? Will you think twice before drinking soda or fruit juice now? How do you make healthy decisions at home in order to consume less sugar?


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