Dr Oz: $4 A Day & Quinoa Oatmeal, Chickpea Wrap & Cabbage Soup


Dr Oz: Healthy Eating On $4 A Day

One of the biggest complaints from those trying to eat healthy is cost. That’s exactly why Dr Oz wanted to find out if it was really possible to eat healthy on just $4 a day. He set up a challenge of creating a full day of food, meaning three full meals and a snack. Each day has to meat the following macros (based on the nutritional needs of a woman who is 5’4″):

  • 70 grams protein
  • 70 grams fat
  • 230 grams carbs
  • at least 25 grams fiber

The food had to be purchased from a regular grocery store and the budget was just $4 because for 46 million Americans have an average allowance of $4.



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