Dr Oz: 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet with Dr Mark Hyman


Dr Oz: 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet

If you think that you are having problems managing your weight due to food allergies, you may want to know how you can move forward to correct this problem. Dr Oz’s guest, Dr. Mark Hyman, shared his 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet, to help sufferers cut out allergy causing foods and start taking off the pounds.

Dr Oz: Food Allergy Diet

Dr Oz: Food Allergy Diet

Dr Mark Hyman shared his three-week detox diet to help you find hidden food allergies.


Debbie from the audience admitted she is struggling to lose weight. She’s tried several diets, and she can lose about 10 pounds, but then she hits a wall. Eventually she gains the weight back and is right where she started. She also complained about symptoms like fatigue, migraines, and exhaustion. Debbie could be a good candidate for Dr. Hyman’s plan.

Dr Oz: Removing Dairy Products

In the first week of Dr. Hyman’s diet plan, you should remove all dairy from your diet. This will give your system a chance to reset and recover. Switch to organic Almond Milk instead of cow’s milk. It has protein, good fats, and usually lower calories than cow’s milk.

Dr Oz admitted that almond milk tastes different, but he likes it better. I made the switch a few months ago, and while the taste is different, I got used to it and now I like it. You can substitute it anytime you’d use milk. You can also swap Olive Oil in for butter, another dairy offender.


Doctor Oz: Probiotic Repair Diet Plan

For week two, Dr Hyman said you should repair the damage that’s been done to your gut. This requires the use of healthy bacteria called Probiotics. They are available as pills or powders. But the doctors cautioned that you have to watch out for food products claiming to contain Probiotics, because they may not have a high enough concentration to relay effective health benefits.

Dr Oz: How To Reboot Your Body

The third and final week of this diet plan involves Rebooting your body’s system. That means adding things back into your routine one at a time. Keep track of your progess in a food journal, and note when you feel better or worse after eating a particular food. If something is causing you consequences, you’ll know to remove it from your diet permanently.

Dr Hyman said you can go through the three week process to determine whether you have an allergy. Ask your doctor for a blood test after the three weeks, and he or she will be able to help you get to the bottom of this.

He said that some patients lose as much as 10 pounds in a week once the food allergy is discovered and removed from the diet.


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